Stephen Colbert apologizes to Australia

Recently actors and married couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard created a controversy by trying to smuggle their two dogs into Australia on a visit while trying to evade that country’s strict quarantine laws. He got caught but was allowed to leave without suffering the serious punishment (that could go up to ten years in prison) that a non-celebrity might have received. He later provided a video of a grudging apology.

Stephen Colbert decided to make an apology on Depp’s behalf too.


  1. says

    Oh for…they didn’t even try to act sorry. I couldn’t even understand Depp’s last, I think it was supposed to be the tiny apology?

  2. John Morales says


    Oh for…they didn’t even try to act sorry.

    Heh. They’re both actors, they were in front of a camera.

    So yeah, they acted exactly how they wanted to act.

    (Best as I can tell, it was taken in good humour by Aussies)

    Mano, Amber was the culprit and she was the person convicted and given a one-month behaviour bond; to me, your summary is anachronistically focused on the husband as the agent.

    (Mr and Mrs Johnny Depp!)

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