Fascinating science gifs

I visit a lot of websites and a lot of them are like my own where there is a paragraph above the fold that indicates what the post is about and, if one is interested enough to read the full post, one has to click on the ‘more’ link. I have noticed more and more people using gifs (those videos that last about a second and repeat endlessly) above the fold.

In general, I find these gifs distracting and annoying when they are inserted into webpages. Their purpose seems to get attention but the downside is that you cannot eliminate it from your range of view and so, like any animation, it distracts you from whatever you are trying to read. But used judiciously, they can add value and what follows is one such example that seems to show someone mysteriously disappearing that I have discussed before.

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Via Mark Frauenfelder I came across these 15 gifs that capture, sometimes using slow-motion, some fascinating scientific phenomena and provide explanations for each of them. Here is another set of gifs that do the same thing.


  1. NL says

    Crikey, that animal in the last gif in that last link is frightening. What the hell is that thing?

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