Sanders and ‘Clinton’ make pitches for New York votes

Bernie Sanders had difficult moment yesterday at the end of a town hall event at the landmark Apollo Theater in Harlem, when a questioner raised some ugly stereotypes about Jews. I thought Sanders handled it as best as he could by addressing the Israel-Palestinian question. The crowd became pretty raucous, largely in support of Sanders and against the questioner. You can see Harry Belafonte sitting on the stage.

You can watch the full event that featured an enthusiastic and boisterous crowd. The panel consisted of Ohio state senator Nina Turner, Erica Garner (whose father Eric was murdered by the police), and Belafonte.

On a lighter note, Saturday Night Live has the exclusive video of the reaction of ‘Hillary Clinton’ to her seventh straight loss to Bernie Sanders in Wyoming and her attempts to pander to New Yorkers make sure that the state’s primary does not slip from her grasp.


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