A medical show without the gross medical scenes

I don’t watch medical dramas because they dwell too much on what takes place inside the surgical rooms and I am not fond of scenes involving blood and gore, which is why I tend to also avoid US police dramas. So I was interested in this comedy TV series called Save Me by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that apparently deals with the sequence of events that lead up to the 9-1-1 call and not so much after that.

I actually don’t know if this is a real TV series being planned or a bit of sketch comedy. Here’s what is supposed to be the trailer for the series.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    I am not fond of scenes involving blood and gore

    I am with you on this, except that after watching several episodes of Bones and going ewwww! at the start of each episode, I realized that this was an intentional feature of the show -- the writers and producers were deliberately trying to gross out their audience each week. After realizing that, and reminding myself that it’s all only plastic and latex that I’m looking at, I started to really get a kick out of it.
    I still have a hard time looking at the real injuries and blood of other people (although my own never bother me), so I’d probably be a lousy MD.

  2. yaque says

    You want TV with a certain … atmosphere, check out “The Nick”.
    It’s set in the “Nickerbocker” hospital in New York in 1900(!). Among other things, medical ethics was a work in progress. And our heroic, cocaine-addicted surgeon is shown elbow-deep in guts, explaining what he’s doing to a lteral theater

  3. yaque says

    Dang it , fat fingers typing on a phone … literal theater with mutton-chopped dignitaries looking on. and no, surgical masks hadn’t been invented yet. I loved it, my wife rather less.

  4. yaque says

    There was one episode where a former love interest of our intrepid surgeon came to him for help with her nose. It seems her husband (who she married instead of him) had infected her with syphilis. Any who want, can look up what she needed help with, and, no, I won’t explain. The camera magic was excellent. Gruesome with a side of telenovela.

  5. lorn says

    At an early age I witnessed the result of bad car crash. There was blood and gore everywhere, the stink of blood and macerated human flesh was thick. I was alarmed, distressed, I puked my guts up. Which just made it all worse. And then I apprehended the sad, tragic truth … we are, all of us, including my sweet self, fragile bags of blood and guts. It does no good to look away. It is what we are. And … on some level my urge to look away was a denial of humanity and the glory of humanity. For indeed we can create fine and noble things, great ideas, we can raise up our highest ideal and aspire to be better beings. Indeed, we have come so very far.

    So very very far when you contemplate that it is those fragile bags of blood and guts, little more than alimentary tubes with limbs and profoundly limited cognitive abilities, driving progress. We have a long way to go but, considering where we started and what we had to work with, we have done very well.

    Once I understood that and digested it I found that blood and gore didn’t seem to bother me so much.

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