The Thinking Housewife goes bonkers

Regular readers know that from time to time I wander over to the website known as The Thinking Housewife, a kind of online salon where hostess Laura Wood presides over a Downton Abbeyish genteel world in which the atmosphere suggests people daintily eating biscuits and drinking tea out of fine china, all the while politely discussing how hard it is to get good help these days and how these ghastly foreigners are ruining the country. All the usual tropes of conservative right-wing ideology are lauded, feminism and homosexuality and socialism are seen as horrible evils, and traditional Catholicism is venerated to such an extent that pope Francis is seen a subversive, Commie, usurper anti-pope who should be rejected. He is invariably referred to with ironic quote marks as “pope” Francis or by his street name Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

So I dropped by recently to see what was going on and on the home page saw a photograph of Francis and Fidel Castro exchanging gifts and smiling with each other, under the heading Two Peas in a Pod. Another post pointed to the appointment of a gay Secretary of the Army as one more piece of evidence of president Obama undermining the US military as part of his plan to destroy the US.

In another post, Wood approvingly quotes this passage:

All bets are off as Mr. Jorge Bergoglio, the Argentinian apostate layman claiming to be the Pope of the Catholic Church, meets Barack Obama, the infanticide-promoting, Kenyan-born Socialist dictator claiming to be the President of the United States. Obama has long outed himself as an admirer of “Pope” Bergoglio, joining other high-profile leftists such as Hillary Clinton, Elton John, Madonna, Bernie Sanders, and others.

After visiting fellow-revolutionaries Fidel and Raul Castro in Cuba earlier in the week, Francis now marches on Washington, New York City, and Philadelphia to further promote his show of “humility”, “mercy”, and “love” that are nothing of the sort.

Pretty typical Thinking Housewife stuff so far.

But scrolling down I found a link that led to an exchange between Wood and a commenter L. B. that was so extraordinary that it left me stunned.

It began with a comment by someone named Mark Jaws commending Wood for, in an earlier post, pointing out anti-Christian sentiment in the Talmud, a central text of rabbinical Judaism that contains a collection of Jewish commentary. Another commenter Deana responded that this focus on Talmudic anti-Christian sentiment was misplaced given more urgent problems that had to be dealt with, none of which were caused by Jews. Wood responded by saying that Israel was responsible for many problems and that “The most dangerous country in the Middle East and in the world is Israel, bar none.’

Then all hell broke out. Commenter L. B. accused Wood of anti-Semitism and said, “Now we see the real Laura Wood.” This seemed to throw Wood into a rage and here is part of her response.

You say you have finally seen the real Laura Wood. Well, no, you haven’t. You haven’t seen the real Laura Wood.

I wish, I really wish, that I could for just two minutes show you the real Laura Wood. I wish you could be right here, standing in front of me in person. Because if you were, I would slap you so hard your eyes would rattle in your head, you bastard. Sometimes words are not enough to respond to disgusting insults and lies, even those like yours, which are partly by suggestion and implication (i.e., the “real Laura Wood” is a Nazi.)

Now, it seems it is one of your great pleasures and triumphs to uncover Jew-haters. Well, you ain’t going to find a Jew-hater here, pal. I am sorry, very sorry, to disappoint you though I’m sure no matter what I say I can’t convince you of that. You obviously believe that anyone who points out the ugly truths about Orthodox Judaism or about Israel or about individual criminal Jews guided by a Talmudic mission, anyone who criticizes any of these things, hates Jews and wants to kill them. Such is the success of the rabbinic tyranny and psychological warfare over not just Jews but gentiles. It is you, not me, who is engaging in reflex thinking. I really am sorry to disappoint you, you righteous bastard. Not only do I not hate Jews, not only do I believe that I personally will go to hell if I hate anyone, not only have I had many Jewish friends, not only do I love individual Jews, but I get down on my knees and pray, pray very hard, that the Jewish people are rescued from the rabbinic tyranny that envelops and oppresses them, you righteous, phony bastard.

It goes on and on in that vein.

I have to admit to not just a double take but being left reeling. It was like going to your grandmother’s house for a chat and finding her swearing like a drunken sailor. The language was so different from the norm that I wondered for a moment if it was some elaborate prank or that her site had been hacked. But it is real.

Go and take a look.


  1. astrosmash says

    WOW!…So basically, as with all ‘genteel’ folks, there is a raging furnace of seething hatred buried inside

  2. astrosmash says

    Unless I’m missing something, it seems as though the thinking housewife has deleted that exchange…You may be sole archivist!

  3. anat says

    Has she said anything about the presidential primaries on either side? I wonder if any candidate is up to her standards. For people like her I am dreaming of a Sanders vs Trump race.

  4. mnb0 says

    No Astrosmash, it’s right there in the comments. I have some quote even worse than what MS presented.

    Ah, good manners are such a thin layer of vernish ….

    “Typical Judaic bullying.”
    No, not antisemitic at all.

    “the Protocols is a shockingly vivid description of everything we have been living through for the last two centuries and more.”
    And this is not antisemitic neither. The idea!

    “Everyone makes Germans out to be the monsters but it might have been a better world if they had won the war.”
    Yeah, totally. Btw, just like the guy who wrote this I’m also blonde and blue eyed.

    Of course up to 1945 many a catholic sympathized with nazism -- and afterwards with Generallissimo Franco. On one point I agree though with Laura Wood. Sometimes it’s justified to get uncivilized.
    She and her supporters are scum.

  5. Lucy says

    I read this exchange a few days ago and almost wrote to tell you that she had gone bonkers. I had that exact thought in those exact words: The Thinking Housewife has gone bonkers!

    Over the last few months everything has become a conspiracy. Sandy Hook. The murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. And of course 9/11.

    When 9/11 first came up in early July, she was focused on Building 7. By the 25th she’d started doubting the “official narrative” about the Twin Towers but was “not prepared yet to look seriously at any theories about who did it”. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it turns out to be Israel. By the end of July she was referring to the “Zionist plan for world domination” and “the Judaic rule of money”.

    I am surprised by her sudden animus toward Israel, though (if it was there before I didn’t notice it). She was such a friend and fan of the late Lawrence Auster, a Jew-turned-Christian and staunch defender of Israel. He criticized Jews for being liberal, but also frequently criticized other reactionaries for anti-Semitism. I would love to know what she thinks of him now, and what his other fans, some of whom comment at TTH, think of her. However, I would also love to stop reading her site.

    Could you please let us know if you ever see a battle royal between pro-Israel Austerites and love-the-Jews-but-they’re-evil Woodites?

  6. hyphenman says

    Good morning Mano,

    When I read screeds such as those from The Angry Housewife, I confess that my first instinct is to think that what I’m reading is parody/satire on the level of Ricky Gervais or Stephen Colbert.

    After all, no one could be that stupid/evil could they?

    Then, however, I remember the world I live in and shudder.

    Do all you can to make today a better day,


  7. Mano Singham says

    Lucy @#5,

    At one time, I thought (like Jeff @#6) that the whole site was an elaborate parody and did some digging as to whether ‘Laura Wood’ was a real person or some hoaxer writing under a pseudonym. I found that I was not alone in my suspicions and some others even thought that the real author was Lawrence Auster.

    But I eventually came to the conclusion that I had no evidence of it being a hoax site and Auster’s death put an end to that particular line of speculation.

  8. says

    Does she consider herself Catholic? If so, the scare quotes in “pope” seem to indicate that she’s happy to undermine her church’s authority. If not, then why even bother trying to imply that someone more right-wing counts as a more authentic pope?

  9. Roger G. says

    I was a long time commenter at Larry Auster’s View from the Right and at Laura Wood’s The Thinking Housewife.
    I accidentally discovered what was happening to Laura when I wrote to her after a THW post in which she cited a “Rev. Denis Fahey” with approbation. Here is a cut and paste of our final email exchange:

    I went to a Presbyterian college. The minister of the school church was adamant that “Rev.” absolutely must have another title after it, such as “Mr.” or “Dr.,” and that accordingly it was improper to address a clergyman just as “Reverend.”
    It seems that almost all of the rest of the world disagrees with him. Though in The Quiet Man, the Reverend Mr. Playfair does insist on being addressed just as “Mr. Playfair,” without the “Reverend.”

    I thought you were writing to me about his alleged anti-Semitism. He is tarnished as an anti-Semite, which deeply pained him and is not true.

    My ignorance. I have no idea who the man was.

    According to Father Fahey, would even a strictly traditionalist Jew (e.g., a Larry Auster who stayed Jewish) nevertheless still be doing Satan’s work?

    He believed religious Jews would always have loyalty to the Jewish nation first and to some form of this-world messianism. Therefore, they should be subject to certain forms of segregation (humanely) in a Christian nation.

    1) So your answer to my question is yes?
    2) What certain forms?

    For instance, Christians couldn’t work as servants in Jewish homes. He advocated some economic restrictions but I don’t remember exactly what they were. He believed Jews should only have citizenship in the Jewish nation.


    From Wikipedia:
    “He was notorious for his opposition to the Jews, stating ‘every sane thinker must be an anti-Semite’.”
    Anyway, Larry’s take:
    “…by Catholics I mean traditionalist Catholic anti-Semites such as Williamson and Fr. Denis Fahey…”

    I don’t know where and in what context he made the statement, “every sane thinker must be an anti-Semite.” He deplored racial animosity against Jews.
    Larry was wrong in this case.

    I guess I should be embarrassed that I just learned about Father Fahey today. From the little I have gleaned, it seems that he did believe that Jews had an organized agenda and conspiracy, which Larry refuted time and again. It also seems that he had no genetic, racial, or ethnic issues, so that if I adopted Catholicism, I would be just fine with him. So he wasn’t a Nazi.

    No, he didn’t refer to an organized agenda in the sense Larry meant. He said Jews naturally and spontaneously organized against Christian society (e.g. American Civil Liberties Union) because of their messianism. It’s more complicated than simply the Zionist conspiracy.

    The American Civil Liberties Union was founded by a Congregationalist and a Unitarian.
    You said Father Fahey believed Jews should only have citizenship in the Jewish nation. But he didn’t like Israel either.
    So according to you and Father Fahey, Jews have to (1) convert, (2) accept dhimmitude, or (3) die.

    It is my understanding that liberal Jews are enthusiastic supporters of the ACLU.
    I await an apology for your last comment.

    I had to do more research and thinking before I replied.
    I am shocked and so saddened. I had no idea you’d taken this path. You have become ensnared in Radical Traditionalism. Your Father Fahey is discussed in several threads at VFR.
    I am just as disgusted, as revolted, as you’d (quite rightly) be if I called your Church the Whore of Babylon, the Pope the Antichrist, and the Jesuits and Opus Dei Satan’s minions for achieving world domination. How can you not see that?
    Regardless, God bless you a thousand times over for what you did for Larry, and for all the other good that you do.
    Please don’t write back to me.

  10. Lucy says

    Thanks, Roger G. I wondered how you would react. That was a classy farewell.
    I just checked TTH and saw a response to VFR reader Dan M. called “Auster and the Jews”. After commenting that Auster sometimes used the anti-Semite label too freely she adds “I am guilty of that too. I regret that.” She goes on to tell us that “the popular Holocaust script is a fable--an immense criminal fraud and extortion racket.”
    My head is exploding. Take care, Mano, if you go back. Guard your sanity.

  11. Roger G. says

    Thanks in return, Lucy. That exchange took place Jan.-Feb. 2014. Since then she’s just gotten worse and worse. And to think that her thought and prose were once at a level where people thought she was a persona of Larry Auster.
    Because of the great store of credibility that she acquired in her rational days, serious people like Felicie tried to reason with her; the effort was futile. And of course we only know about the emails she chooses to post.
    Are you the Lucy who also commented at THW?

  12. Lucy says

    I’m not the commenting Lucy, but I did read THW for many years. Perhaps not closely enough. I am shocked to learn that your exchange with her took place in early 2014. I remember disturbing posts, such as the one you reference, but I didn’t see how anti-Jewish she’d become until she made it unavoidably obvious this summer. Maybe it just seemed impossible that a friend of Lawrence Auster’s could go down that path.

  13. JC says

    I used to comment fairly often at VFR. Laura Wood has lost her mind..EVERYTHING, from 9/11 to Sandy Hook and now the Paris attacks is the product of a government run false flag operation. She is no longewr worth reading.

  14. Jeanette Runyon says

    I too used to comment regularly at VFR and THW I’d even met both Larry and Laura a one of the dinners regularly held in NYC. and I’m horrified to see the turn she has taken, I just took a peek and Laura is not even sure that shooting in San Bernardino is real or not. I no longer read her as well.

  15. JC says

    Laua is now certain that San Bernardino was a government- Zionist psyop gone awry..She is absolutely a certifiable lunatic now.

  16. Jeanette Victoria says

    I used to live in that part of San Bernardino and I know the spouses of some of the victims…..Laura has gone full out paranoid nuts. She even thinks Brussels is a hoax. Larry is spinning in his grave. So sad.

  17. Fellownutter says

    Yeah, Mrs. Woods has gone a little overboard with the Jews. She’s right about the false flags/hoaxes, though. In a world where presidential candidates pander to UFO afficionados and channel the dead and Apollo 14 astronauts claim aliens saved the planet from WW III, false flags are a pretty tame subject.

  18. JC says

    Update.Laura now calls the Orlando murders a hoax..This woman is out and out despicable..she belongs in an asylum

  19. Richard Ayers says

    I confess to be fascinated by her lunacy. When Orlando happened, I wondered how long before she claimed it was a hoax — sure enough, she had a post up within a few hours. What leads a person into such madness?

  20. JC says

    And now she is claiming that nobody died in the Florida high school shooting. This woman is beyond hope .

  21. Hi- Ya! says

    The problem with LW is that in the world she has created, a world of fake events and fake people, the Resurrection could be faked. She has created a world of gods (jews and freemasons and government officials), oracles (herself) and human sacrifice. She is now claiming that the government actually kills people at their staged events to make them look more real.

    I use to argue with her, but it’s no fun. She also deons’t have an honest comment section, in which she could be really taken to task.

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