Carly Fiorina’s lies

Not content with trying to whitewash her awful record as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina, the new favorite of the anti-Trump forces in the Republican party, brazenly lied during the Republican debate last Wednesday, as this graphic shows.


It should not surprise anyone that Fiorina denies what all the fact checkers have found. In the fact-free world that is the Republican party these days, you can say anything as long as it supports the party dogma and so none of her opponents will call her out on this lie because to do so would make them appear to be ‘soft’ on abortion, rather than pro-truth. There is nothing that strengthens my support for the pro-choice movement than the tactics of the anti-choice forces.

Another of her major exaggerations is her Horatio Alger-like story of rising from a secretary to CEO of a major American corporation, the kind of narrative that right-wing politicians love to spin because it enables them to claim that the poor are poor because they are lazy and lack the moral virtues that made them successful.

In reality, Fiorina’s father was the dean of Duke University law school and the deputy attorney general in the Nixon administration. She was a privileged child who, while a student at Stanford University, worked during the summers at a temp agency that sometimes placed her as a secretary.

So while the riches part of her rags-to-riches story is true (she was born to privilege and received over $20 million when she was fired by HP for incompetence, a manifestation of the strange reward system that exists in the high levels of corporate America), the rags part, not so much.


  1. says

    I do find it quite amusing the Fiorina and Trump are both playing the “business person” card. Because they are “business people” like Gaius Tarentius Varro was a “military genius”

  2. atheistblog says

    This person is sick to the core. There nothing immoral about abortion, what’s immoral is make a woman suffer against her will. Why these people are so scared of bio cells and tissues ? Abortion means the growing tissue which has no self consciousness which doesn’t suffer has to come out of the human body. What would this person would say about all the bio waste disposed from the hospital ? They are as repulsive as fetus tissues. This person better be a vegan, anti- capital punishment advocate, anti-war pacifist, other wise she is full of S^%$.
    A person like her are shame to living human being.
    She is scared of Iran, ok, what about N Korea ? Who the F$%& she gonna call ? her best buddy bibi-gun ? The reason this moron wants to attack iran but not N Korea is because iran doesn’t have nuke. A moron like her and her BFF bibi-gun are more dangerous to iranian people than iran is to the rest of the world, it is obvious fact,

  3. says

    She is scared of Iran, ok, what about N Korea ?

    Nobody in their right mind would be scared of N Korea, either. That is yet another conflict zone that results from the US’ extraordinary efforts to produce buffer zones against “communism” The people of N Korea are justifiably untrusting of the US who continued bombing them for 6 months after the cease-fire on the ground. They were, literally, bombed back to the stone-age. Rationally, the N Korean gov’t has realized that the only way to get the US to stop talking about invading you is to have a nuclear deterrent, and they got one. They are tough people, abused by their government from within and the other world governments from without.

  4. smrnda says

    Fact free bullshit. The lack of any evidence won’t matter to the party, they don’t care.

    Funny how the ‘business’ people the Republicans attract as candidates were mostly failures, in the sense of running successful businesses. But they did screw people, which is a Republican virtue.

    And yeah, I detest how privileged sorts portray some part time job they did as their ‘rags to riches’ story. I think that the fact this is believed shows that the Republican party believes in a caste system -- doing actual *work* is like being willing to do the work of the untouchable caste for them.

  5. busterggi says

    Of course she saw that footage, it was a revelation in a dream but when has that mattered to the GOP Christofascists?

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