It’s always about the bathrooms

Who would have thought that Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a sleepy little town in the Ozarks, would end up viciously persecuting Christians in the vilest possible way. The opponents of same-sex marriage warned us that this would happen if we allowed such marriages and their dire predictions have come true.

Jordan Klepper reveals the ugly truth.

(This clip aired on July 29, 2015. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Nightly Show outside the US, please see this earlier post. If the videos autoplay, please see here for a diagnosis and possible solutions.)


  1. coragyps says

    Dear old Eureka Springs! It was a hotbed of both hippies and John Birchers back in the day. Looks like the hippies won.

    That Christ of the Ozarks statue was described by a friend of mine as “a milk carton with arms.” Pretty apt…

  2. Mano Singham says

    In Ohio, Yellow Springs is also a hippie enclave in a generally conservative area. Do hippies use the name Springs to signal their presence?

  3. Pope Bandar bin Turtle says

    Hope SPRINGS eternal! (Or so I’ve been told.)

    Also, too. Not to be confused with Palm Springs.

  4. hyphenman says


    I think this may be Kelpper’s best piece. I usually have a problem with how he goes over the top to make his subjects reveal their cluelessness. In this case there was no need and Klepper was able, for the most part, to play the story straight.


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