A bizarre way to die

We know that America has an enduring love affair with guns that has been manifested in recent times with the introduction of laws that enable people to carry guns on their persons almost everywhere they go, either openly or concealed. With men, this is relatively easy to do, since they have pockets and wear loose-fitting pants and jackets that can conceal a weapon without any telltale bulges.

But women’s clothing, especially in warm climates, poses a problem. While they can carry guns in their purses, some prefer to have it on their person. It appears that in order to meet this need, designers have created something called a bra holster. I was surprised by this because a bra is a tight-fitting undergarment and the idea that you could have a holster between it and the skin and then insert a gun into it would never have occurred to me.

What surprised me even more is that the way some of these holsters are designed, the gun is pointing up. So I suppose that it was only a matter of time before a tragedy occurred like the one in Michigan where a woman, an active member in local Republican politics and her church, died after shooting herself in the eye while adjusting the gun in her bra holster. She had served two terms in the navy so she was not a novice when it came to using weapons.

You can see some images of bra holsters here and they all look awfully uncomfortable which must mean that the desire to carry a weapon close to one’s person must be so strong that it outweighs comfort and the risks.


  1. sundoga says

    Weird. Especially as I know there are thigh holsters that are quite concealable under an above-the knee length dress or skirt.

  2. Steve Lion says

    I’m inclined to want to make snarky tit related comments about this sort of thing. But, it’s just sad. Surely if you must carry a gun there’s more sensible ways to do it then with the barrel of a gun pointing directly at your heart. I’m not so sure that folks are aware of the danger of a speeding bullet.
    Alright i can’t help myself after looking at the holsters. They are nice looking titties but the gun thing stuffed into them just doesn’t seem like a very good idea. That’s the best I can do, I can’t always snark on demand so well.
    I have two female relatives that in the last few years have suddenly decided they wanted concealed carry permits, after lifetimes, more than 60 years, of never having even shot a pistol.? Go figure! Curiously enough both of them are pretty much lunatic republican/christians.

  3. Numenaster says

    Steve, where did you get the idea any of these holsters pointed the gun at your heart? They all have the gun laying flat against the chest wall.

  4. kyoseki says

    This strikes me as another one of those “oh, they were cleaning it and it just went off!” stories.

    Sounds like she was busily trying to adjust the fit of the thing USING A LOADED FUCKING GUN which is a recipe for disaster as we see.

  5. Steve Lion says

    “where did you get the idea any of these holsters…”
    I think it’s safe to say that I was using a bit of hyperbole. However, considering the proximity to important anatomical parts if an accidental firing occurs the exact point of entry, maybe the eye for instance, may not be too important.

  6. lorn says

    “She had served two terms in the navy so she was not a novice when it came to using weapons.”

    Last I checked the US navy only offers minimal training with small arms as part of basic training. Typically a few hours familiarization with M-16, shotgun, and 9mm pistol. Typically they do get more extensive, and regular familiarization and drill, if they are part of a tactical team, part of the deck or security force, or expected to handle payroll or secure materials in certain contexts.

    That said many sailors will go through their entire careers having handled small arms only once.

    Pistols are notoriously inaccurate and difficult to handle under stress.

  7. ianeymeaney says

    Ex-Navy Nuke here. The whole time I was in, I did not handle a gun once. The only guns on a carrier are the .50 cal at the aft end of the ship, which would be used to ward off potential boarders (and for shooting trash for target practice) and the 9mm’s carried by the ship’s masters-at-arms (security morons). I’ll guarantee it’s the same setup for other ships. We let the jarheads handle that stuff for us.

  8. Mano Singham says

    Interesting. And surprising. I had just assumed that every person in any branch of the military in any capacity (even cooks, say) received some weapons training since you would never know when you might be engaged in some sort of conflict. Looks like I was wrong.

  9. flex says

    As the linked article indicated she spent 2 terms as an MP, she would have more than a passing familiarity with firearms.

    I’ll third the comment that not all military members get much training with guns. In the USAF we had one hour at the range firing M16’s modified to shoot .22 caliber bullets. There were careers which spent more time training with guns, but mine wasn’t one of them.

  10. Trebuchet says

    I’m kind of surprised to see this here, instead of in one of Comradde Physioproffe’s “Republican Filthe” postes.

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