Parallel parking world record

I earlier gave step-by-step directions for how to parallel park perfectly every time that I found on the internet that seem to work as advertised. But Han Yue just broke the world record for parking in the tightest spot that had just 8 cm clearance.

It was not just the size of the space that he squeezed into that impressed me but the way he did it, using a method that I would not recommend, violating as it does every one of the of steps that I had said to follow.


  1. Frank says

    I parked in some pretty tight spaces back in my days as a student at Case, but not quite like that. And there may have been some gentle bumping involved (it’s called a bumper for a reason, right?)

    Now, I actually find it more difficult to park in wider spaces. This shouldn’t be, since I’m still aligning with the car in front, but for some reason, it is.

  2. hyphenman says


    An impressive bit of stunt driving, but if the GBWR takes that as an example of parallel parking, then their definition is seriously whacked.


  3. Derek Freyberg says

    Back when the original Mini came out, people would go in for “Mini-spinning”, doing stunts like this. The best I saw was when a “garage” a little bigger than the car was laid out with tape on a parking lot, the car was driven straight toward the “garage door”, then the driver did a bootleg turn and slid the car backwards into the “garage”. Minis were good for that sort of thing because of their low center of gravity. But the parallel parking stunt on that video is amazing.


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