I will be on the radio tomorrow

The Cleveland public radio affiliate station WCPN 90.3 FM will be having Joe Puckett and me on their morning call-in talk show The Sound of Ideas that runs from 9:00-10:00 am tomorrow (Tuesday), with a break for national news from 9:01-9:06. We will be joined by Tim Beal, a professor of religious studies at my university, whom I have known for a long time and is a very thoughtful scholar, and a rabbi whom I do not know. The show was triggered by the debate I had with Joe Puckett but will not be devoted exclusively to the question of god’s existence but will be broader and look at the rapidly changing landscape of religious beliefs.

[Update: I have just been informed by WCPN that Tim Beal will not be on the show but Peter Haas, another thoughtful scholar of Judaic Studies from our department of religious studies, and Craig Bauman, President of the University of Akron’s Secular Student Alliance, who will be calling in.]

You can listen to or watch the program online via a live videostream and later in the day the station puts out an audio podcast of the show for those who missed it. You can also call in during the show and leave comments after the show as well. The contact information can be found at the above link.

I have been on that show many times before and the discussions have always been thoughtful and the callers interesting. I had one listener on a previous show call in and express alarm that I had committed blasphemy! I had to struggle to stop myself from laughing.

For those who missed my posts on this, Cleveland Freethinkers have put out videos of Saturday’s debate. These videos deal with only the formal presentations. The Q/A part, which was interesting, will be put up later. I wrote my reflections on it as well.

You can read some comments from the people who attended the debate here. I have to warn you though that these are from members of the Cleveland Freethinkers group who know me well and largely share my views and so the comments are not exactly unbiased! I have not been able to find comments from religious people who attended the debate and if anyone knows of any, please post links in the comments.


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