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The Cleveland Freethinkers have posted videos my debate yesterday with pastor Joe Puckett where I affirmed the proposition that “God Does Not Exist”. I earlier posted my own reflections on it.

After the introductions, my opening statement begins at 5:58. Joe’s opening statement begins at 26:15. My rebuttal begins at 46:20 and continues to the end of Part 1 at 55:18 and into Part 2

In Part 2, Joe’s rebuttal begins at 8:05. His concluding remarks begin at 24:10 and my concluding remarks begin at 29:35 and ends at 35:15.

I am not sure if the Q/A will be posted later.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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    For some reason the Youtube site won’t let me comment. However, I did watch both parts and did not find the Pastor up to the challenge. There was a dearth of evidential citation to go with his assertion, but something more telling to me was his use of quotes from Dr. Lawrence Krausse. It was clear he did not understand the information and knowledge behind those quotes any more than he understood what you were pointing out. All those godly fingerprints he brought up have mostly been explained away. I did see his point that if even non-believers cannot logically rule out a deity 100%, then “it could happen.” That gives him the same hope that the climate change deniers have with their 1% of scientist that also deny it. I did not find any real refutation of your debate points; not even the long list of “atheist” dictators he flung out. Perhaps it was the lack of time for some of these assertions to be addressed, but perhaps also you took it easy on him. Didn’t change anyone’s mind, for or against, but the offering was such that many folks are going to at least have to think about the existence of a god or gods. Have a wonderful week, Mano, and thanks for letting me ramble on for a bit.

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