1. smrnda says

    Honestly, as someone who has a hard time remembering life before cell phones, I really don’t find them irritating most of the time. Talking on phones while driving seems risky, and people should hold one conversation at a time (please don’t try to argue with the clerk while simultaneously having a phone conversation) but I find they normally just fade into the background noise to me.

    Perhaps this is a generation gap thing.

    Odd is that I find the practice of leaving a television on when it is not being watched on purpose to be really annoying.

  2. wilsim says

    Uh… our kids TV is on pretty much 24/7 – my son is terrified of the dark so it is effectively a white noise generator (on Baby First) and a night light at the same time. It bothers my mother in the extreme when she comes to stay but she found out what happens when she sneakfully shuts the TV gets off in the middle of the night – instant awake with screaming in terror. She’s also tried turning it down so she can’t hear it in the other room with a somewhat similar result.
    For me, I’ll support whatever makes my child comfortable.

  3. boadinum says

    Talking on cell phones while driving is not just risky, it’s dangerous and irresponsible. Even hands-free devices increase driver inattention and the chance of accidents.

    Laws vary from state to state, but when it comes to texting while driving, all states are in agreement; don’t do it. It’s not just risky, it’s insane.

  4. Mano Singham says

    I can understand you doing what it takes to keep your child free from terror but I’m sure that you have looked into whether there are similar cases reported by others and its causes and when children start to grow out of the dependency. What have you found out?

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