Syria war billboard update

Yesterday I wrote about the big yellow board that had been placed in front of the university library to let people write their views on a possible war with Syria. The board only went up yesterday and so there were not that many comments. On my way to the library today, I checked on the board to find that it had been almost completely filled up with written comments. Tomorrow is the last day it will be there.

While yesterday it seemed like those opposed to a attack on Syria had a slight majority over those in favor or ambivalent, today the sentiment had shifted very much to being against involvement. I also saw a lot of students spending time in front of it and reading the comments.

This is of course quite an unrepresentative sample as far as views about them merits of attacking Syria. As I said before, what was interesting about this was what it said about the heightened level of political consciousness at our university.


  1. colnago80 says

    If selective service were still in effect, the level of political consciousness would be sky high.

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