Noam Chomsky on the Middle East, Snowden, and terror

Noam Chomsky gave recently in Geneva on the USA, Iran, Israel and the Arab world. Following the speech he was asked a question about what he thought of Edward Snowden’s actions. This segment starts at around the 1:21:00 mark.

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  1. slchonda says

    Although I don’t entirely agree with Chomsky about Snowden, I do have to say that, whether you love the latter or hate him, he has had, IMHO, a salutary effect on the dialog here. He has forced some of the lamestream media (N. Y. Times, Washington Post) to call for putting some handcuffs on the NSA and even engendered some bipartisan angst in the Congress. It remains to be seen if the Congress takes some action to modify the Homeland Security Act to make the process more transparent.

    By the way, just so there are no accusations of changing monikers or trying to hide something, I am now using another email address and so have changed by login name also. I was formerly SLC1.

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