Puppy trying to sleep

I am someone who enjoys sleeping. But I am impressed by the much greater sleeping ability of dogs. It seems like they can take naps almost anywhere and at any time. Here is a puppy that is determined to sleep even in an uncomfortable pose.


  1. Karen Locke says

    Kittens and puppies have sort of an on/off switch. One minute they’re gamboling about, and the next they’ve worn themselves out, and they just go to sleep — anywhere. I remember a kitten who was purring, pushing her head around to encourage scritches, and thoroughly enjoying herself… and the next minute she was sound asleep in the corner of my husband’s jacket. We were looking for kittens at the time. Needless to say that kitten, Natasha, along with one of her brothers (Boris) stole our hearts and became part of our family. Boris escaped the house to meet up with a cat-eating dog, and died an early death. Natasha made it to 19 before chronic ill health took her from us. But that kitten/puppy on/off switch is fascinating.

  2. Marwan says

    No, no. The pose the puppy is looking for is very comfortable. It’s the fault of the laws of physics which refuse to cooperate.


  3. shouldbeworking says

    Reminds me of my children trying to stay awake with the grown ups. They never quite made it.

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