Science is real

As the folks at They Might Be Giants remind us, when we want to learn reliable facts about the world that improve out lives, we turn to science.

So what has god done for you recently?


  1. ah58 says

    Wise adults don’t have imaginary friends…. Or should that be written im-g-nary fr-ends?

  2. baal says

    Just a second, I’ll have a comment in a moment.
    I’m down on my knees to ask a boon of telecommunication. OTOH, I could just open my cell phone and demand it to flog the mini-gods trapped in it to grant the boon instead.

    And now for my comment:
    Jehova jehova jehova
    Yawaaaaaayyyy Yawaaaaaaayyyyy Yawaaaaay
    (shortening the comment, text omitted)

    Yet, I am not struck down for my blasphemy. Weird.
    Also, this message has been brought to you today on a computer. A device made by man based on understanding many fields of science including electricity and quantum physics (need to control for Quantum on chips, they are that small on the functional level these days).

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