Who’ll be the first?

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast of the US. Apart from Virginia (which is a toss-up), all the other states in its path vote reliably Democratic.

If Sandy does wreak a large amount of damage, I wonder who will be the first crazy preacher to suggest that this is god’s punishment for the liberal leanings of the people in that region, their support for same-sex marriage, and their pro-choice views.

UPDATE: It looks like we may already have a winner!


  1. Anon123 says

    You think god would have at least have sent a category 5, you know, for all these unforgivable transgressions. Guess hes just not feelin it today.

  2. Anon123 says

    Wait according to some of these guys Mittens is pro gay? since when? Jeeze you blink and the guy flips his stance.

  3. Skip White says

    Which makes no sense whatsoever (not that Infowars does), since the states that have been most affected – NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, and WV – all tend to be blue states who would likely go for Obama in the election.

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