A grand unified theory of Obama-Al Qaeda collusion

Sometimes those of us who live in the real world of ordinary people who have asense of what is rational and what is not tend to forget that there is another world out there of people whose fevered imaginations take them into regions of bizarre speculation.

Take it away, Rush Limbaugh.


  1. says

    But wait… That means that Al-Qaeda wants Romney to be a weak flip-flopper to make Obama look good by comparison so Obama can have 4 more years to destroy Israel! And Al-Qaeda wants Obama’s critics to sound like incoherent lunatics who can barely string a sentence together but have no trouble imagining devious connections between Obama, terrorists, the Moon Landing Hoax, the Illuminati, water floridation, the Hellfire Club, and the Girl Scouts of America!

    How deep does the rabbit hole go?

  2. Paulino says

    Rush constantly reminds us the price for freedom of speech, i. e. being aware how screwed we are as species.

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