1. Bob Jase says

    Apologies but my first thought at seeing the headline was the old Bionic Woman tv show.

    Maybe I’m not quite as dead as I thought.

  2. says

    A bunch of years ago I got fascinated with dancers in slow motion. It kind of happened by accident (I was photographing a nude model and messing with my camera mode and put it into high shutter speed and captured her walking down the stairs. The shifting of her body and the way her bone structure moved differently from her exterior was just captivating) Anyhow, I’m not willing to plunk $40,000 for a decent HD 1200fps camera but Casio made a few 300-400fps cameras that’ll do good quality output if you hit the exact sweet spot in terms of lighting. Below are links to a few of my videos. One is a friend of mine who’s an amazing breakdancer, the others are 2 of my model friends (one a raver chick the other a former ballerina)…

    Leon (breakdancer)

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