1. Christopher Petroni says

    Is it weird that I liked the woman who stood her ground and didn’t lower her flag the best? I suppose I have a bias in favor of protesters and against the agents of the state who shut them down, but if I were trapped in that situation I wouldn’t be comfortable supporting a “movement” about which I knew nothing. So why should I disfavor the prankees who surrendered at once or who tried to fade into the background? Hmm.

    What a terrifying minute or so that must have been for the participants, in any case.

  2. Guest fromHolland says

    Someone has been watching Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”…

  3. says

    No wonder the protest leaders look so shocked! After all, why would riot police confront what was apparently a peaceful protest?

  4. itzac says

    The government of Quebec recently passed a law that makes this prank much easier and more dangerous. Just bring 48 of your closest friends and blammo, illegal protest.

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