Jetsons, here we come!

In addition to invisible cars, we now also have at least two prototypes of flying cars.

I heard of the Terrafugia model via reader sminhinnick while the video below of the PAL-V model was courtesy of Machines Like Us.

You can see more here.


  1. Dunc says

    Of course, the real problems for flying cars aren’t the basic engineering – they’re navigation (especially in “Instrument Meteorological Conditions”), safety (most designs I’ve seen have single points of failure), and air traffic control. When was the last time you had to navigate in 3 dimensions on instruments alone? Heck, even VFR navigation is a lot harder than it sounds…

    From the website, it’s entirely unclear whether the PAL-V has the instruments or rating to operate in IMC, so that might not be a problem – you just won’t be able to use it if there’s any risk of cloud cover.

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