But can they get it on MTV?

When I need a good laugh, the folks from the Westboro Baptist Church never let me down. Their message is so absurdly anti-gay, so over the top, that I have long suspected that they are really a performance art troupe trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records by pulling off the longest-running prank in history.

Now they have decided to create a music video to spread their message. Check out the result.

Frankly, I think it needs work and so here’s some advice, Westboro folks. No need to thank me.

First ditch the tune. “We are the world’? Please. Find something that is not so hackneyed and has a decent beat. Also ditch the keyboardist, and get some decent guitarists and drummer.

You also need to rewrite the lyrics to make it more catchy, cut the length in half, and get a better film editor. It would also help to have less mean-looking people as lead singers. Having people who can sing would also be a good idea. And what, your people couldn’t take the trouble to memorize those cheesy words and had to read every one? That shows lack of commitment. And what is the deal with that guy waving a Canadian flag at the end?

The present music video is not going to achieve your goal of making people angry. It will make them fall asleep.


  1. Matt says

    It’s clearly because Canada hates gays. Oh wait…Canada was the 4th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

  2. Matt says

    Also, MTV doesn’t do music videos anymore. They’ll need to star in a “Real World: Bigots” series or something like that.

  3. says


    See, that’s the problem with me trying to put in pop culture references while not watching TV anymore. I had no idea that MTV had stopped doing music videos. So who does that now? And what does MTV do? (I don’t have cable.)

  4. Henry says

    MTV now mostly broadcasts ‘reality’ type shows that show 20something people living their trivial lives.

    MTV2 shows some music videos.

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