Can’t Make It to the Ark Encounter Protest? Follow SecularVoices LIVE!

Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in the Ark Encounter protest and rally with the Tri-State Freethinkers, as well as Dave Silverman, Dan Barker, Aron Ra, David Smalley, Dan Arel and many others.  If you are in the area, please join us!  The details can be found on the event Facebook pages for the protest and afterparty rally.

CmsXrKiXYAA4v-XBut if you’re not able to attend, I’ll be live tweeting the event on @SecularVoices, as well as posting on our Facebook page (and possibly broadcasting video there).  The event is expected to draw national media and over one hundred demonstrators!  The protest organizers are asking everyone to tweet using #ohnoahhedidnt during the event.  Let’s get it trending and make some noise on the twittersphere.

As I wait out flight delays in my local airport (apparently airplanes can’t fly after all of their brake fluid dumps out onto the tarmac), I’m getting pretty pumped for this event!  After the protest, we’ll be hanging out on the University of Cincinnati campus for the Rally for Science and Reason, where I’ll be speaking along with the names I already mentioned.  I’ll do my best to post updates as they happen there.  Stay tuned!

If you do attend, please stop by and introduce yourself.  (I’ll be the guy in the Young Skeptics shirt of course.)

I hope to see you there, standing up for education and critical thinking, and against ignorance and deceit.


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