The Nonreligious are Now the Largest Voting Bloc… Well Not Exactly

Yesterday, the Washington Post and other media outlets reported that the nonreligious are now the nation’s largest voting bloc, citing a recent Pew Research survey.  Indeed, this is reason to be excited about the rise of the “nones” as we sometimes call ourselves, but let’s take a second look at the numbers and see if we’re comparing apples to apples.  Here’s the graphic that the Post shared:


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Ark Encounter Protest Contained the Predictably Unexpected

I’m currently on an airplane flying out of Cincinnati/Kentucky that contains roughly 50 people, one of which is a popular atheist blogger over at Patheos. By my count, that’s one too many atheist bloggers on a flight this small. So a safe landing would prove that God does not exist, since for a brief moment, he had us right where he wanted us. And if the big man does take us down, I would like to go down in history as the person who proved the existence of a deity.

All kidding aside, yesterday’s protest at the Ark Encounter was a smashing success. About 100 demonstrators joined the Tri-State Freethinkers in their effort to raise awareness of the several unethical, if not illegal, practices of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, and his irrational display of complete scientific ignorance being sold to adults and children lacking critical thinking skills at 40 bucks a head.

Image credit: FOX19 News, Cincinnati

Image credit: FOX19 News, Cincinnati

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Can’t Make It to the Ark Encounter Protest? Follow SecularVoices LIVE!

Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in the Ark Encounter protest and rally with the Tri-State Freethinkers, as well as Dave Silverman, Dan Barker, Aron Ra, David Smalley, Dan Arel and many others.  If you are in the area, please join us!  The details can be found on the event Facebook pages for the protest and afterparty rally.

CmsXrKiXYAA4v-XBut if you’re not able to attend, I’ll be live tweeting the event on @SecularVoices, as well as posting on our Facebook page (and possibly broadcasting video there).  The event is expected to draw national media and over one hundred demonstrators!  The protest organizers are asking everyone to tweet using #ohnoahhedidnt during the event.  Let’s get it trending and make some noise on the twittersphere.

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CONTEST!! Picket Sign Writer’s Block… I Need Your Help!

As many of you are aware, I’m scheduled to attend the Ark Encounter protest on Thursday, July 7th, as well as speak at the after party & rally.  I’m working on having a picket sign printed with the Young Skeptics logo, but I’m having a total block when it comes to something catchy to include.  Feel free to make some suggestions in the comments here and I’ll pick one or two to add to the sign!

The winner(s) will receive a signed copy of my book, Understanding an Atheist: A Practical Guide to Relating to Nonbelievers. (US shipping only, sorry.)

Once it’s printed, I’ll post a picture of it and you may even see your work on the news!

Here’s what I have so far, but I’m not sold on any of them.  What suggestions do you have?

  • Indoctrination = Abuse
  • Stop supporting ignorance
  • Creationism is anti-intellectualism
  • Answers in Genesis is preying on your children

Yeah, they suck.

The sign will have the Young Skeptics logo as well as “Teach Critical Thinking Instead”.  So the other text will have to mesh with that message.  And I’d prefer it be something not entirely specific to the Ark Encounter or AiG so I can use it again at future events.

Contest ends today (Friday 7/1)  Ok, go!