An Appeal to Republicans: Changing the Motto Is a Cost Savings

In Christiansburg, VA (a town whose name makes me shudder even more than my own hometown of Churchville), the Board of Supervisors has voted 4-3 to affix the national motto, “In God We Trust,” to the walls of its meeting room.

Church and StateWhile such a decision will not likely be challenged in court, other similar cases surrounding the motto have been and will continue to be until the motto is changed back to its original e pluribus unum.  So why not end the controversy?  Save some government cheddar and avoid future waste by changing the national motto back to something inclusive, something our Founding Fathers intended, and stop wasting taxpayer money fighting to stick God on everything with a blank space.

Since the intent of the Founders seems to be so vital to the GOP in other contentious arenas such as the Second Amendment and religious freedom, why not turn the tables and argue the same?

Because Christian privilege, that’s why.  Changing the motto back would fuel the fire of “persecuted Christians” everywhere, including the powerful Christian lobbies and blowhards that have too much influence in our secular nation.

I’m well aware it’s a pipe dream, but I’ll keep dreaming it.

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