Verðandi eats!

All of the black widows have been fed! Here’s Verðandi just as she delivered a fatal bite to a mealworm.

Once again, the background is the lid of the container, annoyingly. Black widows are not very dynamic pets, since they like to just sit in one place and wait for their prey, and they don’t do much and are mostly inactive. I guess when you’re that pretty you can afford to be so lazy.


  1. Alan G. Humphrey says

    It’s not as if they need to exercise to maintain their strength, unlike us warm-bloods with all our wasteful muscle mass. Instead, I like to imagine they spend their time using their brains to calculate their version of cryptocurrency, Specie of Eight™.

  2. brucej says

    Many many years ago I was a mere student lab assistant for the USDA at one of their Honeybee research centers, and for some reasearch I no longer clearly remember (I think it was winter replacement feeding trial…commercial beekeepers over-winter their hives by sticking in a large patty of honey and pollen to keep the hive fed and ready to go early in the spring for field pollination duty) so we had a hive set up inside an unused greenhouse where we could control what they were eating.

    It had a bunch of long tables set up the length of the greenhouse woth steel pole legs every 8 feet or so. Under each leg of the table there was a black widow or brown widow web, each with a mound of sucked-dry cricket husks directly underneath. This was the first time I’d ever encountered brown widows which is a deceptively drab name for some flamboyantly patterned spiders

    One had white and brown zigzag tiger stripes all over it’s abdomen, alomg with a red hourglass outlined by a white line with a dark brown outline.

  3. Silentbob says

    Black shadow hangin’ over your shoulder
    Black mark up against your name
    Your green eyes couldn’t get any colder
    There’s bad poison runnin’ through your veins
    Evil walks behind you
    Evil sleeps beside you
    Evil talks around you
    Evil walks behind you
    Black widow weavin’ evil notions
    Dark secrets bein’ spun in your web
    Good men goin’ down in your ocean
    They can’t swim ’cause they’re tied to your bed

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