My trial policy of taking care of grading the instant everything is turned in is biting back today: the first cell bio exam was thrown over the transom last night. I have been locked to my desk this morning. Will continue until it’s done.

The good thing about this practice is that I don’t have work hanging over my head all the time to feed my anxiety. The bad thing is that it demands bursts of focused work.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    “….bursts of focused work”

    This would never work for people with consistent insomnia. Far too many days, I must operate on autopilot and hope there is no emergency that will require actual brain function.

    Good luck with the grading, and may the arachnids be with you.

  2. wzrd1 says

    I excel in such activities, intense, focused mental work, but I’ve also learned to take frequent breaks to keep my head clear.
    But, I still struggle with remembering to take a break to eat… Yeah, been so busy that I forgot to eat, being surprised at 9 PM that I forgot to eat lunch and dinner.
    It’s fortunate indeed that breathing is done by the autonomic nervous system, otherwise I’d probably get too busy to remember to breathe.

  3. robro says

    Probably just as well to stay inside today, and perhaps tomorrow. From what I’m seeing at AirNow most of North America is shrouded in smoke.

  4. wzrd1 says

    Yeah, that protected me from a “report” found on screwtube, by an “author” who suggested force of authority via two samples, that the sun is liquid and punting his book to survive that experience.
    No, the sun is fluid, as is water, the very definition makes things valid and dis-including those invalidates papers and fucking books.

    Fluids confuse many, given gas and liquid are fairly equal. Want to find a difference, go for, the reality, it’s complicated.
    As a simple gas experiment would prove. Using only CO2.
    Better gases exist, but they’re all far more poisonous in triple state.
    Oh, hint, look for IR and xray. The physics does get a bit weird, more weird than lithium in some ways.
    But, useful in ways.

    Look at triple state gases, learn, apply the math.

  5. walterguyll says

    ‘If humans are but brief, insignificant specks in a gigantic universe, how does finding another tiny speck suddenly bring us cosmic significance?’
    The same can be said of studying spiders!