These people are mad

In all senses of the word. This has been a disease raging through certain people since at least the Gamergate days — they are ideologically warped, committed to a bizarrely hateful perspective.

So here’s this guy, playing the shiny new role-playing game du jour, and he gets to the beginning character creation screen, a staple of these kinds of games since Dungeons & Dragons. It asks what pronouns his character will use, and he fucking melts down.

Jesus, guy. It’s a game. A role-playing game. You’re going to have to save some of that energy and fury for when it asks if you want to be an elf or a dwarf or whatever (I haven’t played Starfield. Martian or Venusian? Whatever.)


  1. says

    Just imagine how he responded to Rust’s character creation system.

    I have a suggestion to please his type: a game and immersive world where there’s only one bisexual gender, no variation. That would avoid the “realism” he claims to dislike, keeps the fantasy world fourth wall intact.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Westerners chortle at tales of men in the developing world turning on tourists or marginalized people because they think the victim magically stole their penises. Behavior like this should give them pause to consider that fear of emasculation by shadowy forces appears to be a universal paranoia.

  3. Rob Grigjanis says

    Reminds me of that video years ago of the German teenager having a tantrum about something trivial.

    Hope his basement playroom is sound-proofed.

  4. EdmondWherever says

    Please tell me it takes a lot longer than 2 minutes 37 seconds to make these pronoun choices.

  5. seversky says

    Ummm, what fucking difference does it make, dude? How does it hurt you in the fucking slightest by what pronouns other people prefer to be addressed?

    IIRC, in one of the first ST:TNG episodes, some of the nonspeaking male characters in the background were dressed in short tunic-style mini-dresses, I assume in an early attempt to cross the gender barrier. It was never repeated but, for the time, it was quite groundbreaking in a very tentative sort of way.

  6. marner says

    @3 Akira MacKenzie
    Adding “tourists stole their penises” to the list of phrases I never thought I’d google.

  7. gijoel says

    You can’t really give a lobotomy to someone who doesn’t have a brain.

    “We can’t see past our own fucking reflection.” No you can’t can you. Jesus Christ, triggered by a pronoun. It’s pretty sad when you’re gender identity feels so threaten that you have to launch into a two and a half minute expletive laden rant about it and then act like a disappointed toddler who didn’t get the ice cream the exact shade of chocolate that they wanted.

    I got to admit that I laughed all the way through it.

    Also I’m going to start yelling, “FUCKING PRONOUNS!” every time I stub my toe or get mildly frustrated.

  8. imthegenieicandoanything says

    “I have the RIGHT to be a complete and utter asshole! I have the RIGHT to be miserable, angry, hate-filled and ignorant, however much it obviously makes me suffer! (And that suffering therefore EXCUSES the hate and violence I use on others.)”

    What a sick world they pretend they want to live in. Freedom to suffer and cause suffering.

  9. Ada Christine says

    so where do I go to get my penis stolen by magic? I’m not really keen on the recovery time for a surgical vaginoplasty so a magical one would be cool

  10. birgerjohansson says

    A way to rehabilitate these snowflakes would be to let them read SF novels with species that have more than two genders. There are fish that change gender as they grow, so those SF stories are not particularly weird.

  11. Hatchetfish says

    Bigot says he can’t enjoy game because of his bigotry.

    I don’t have any problem with that combination of circumstances. Carry on, Bethesda.

  12. kome says

    It’s common for me to see in the Discussion board posts on Steam when a new game comes out some dingus (or, more appropriately, multiple dinguses) asking “Is it woke? Is it just a video game or is it trying to push some agenda?”
    Happened just a few days ago with the Sea of Stars release. A game where the three main characters are a blue-haired woman, a brown-skinned man, and an overweight guy with a disability (and, frankly, is my GOTY; but I’m a retro-RPG enthusiast so I’m super biased). Multiple Discussion board posts asking if the game is woke.

    Yes it is.
    Even if it isn’t, it is.
    Because if anyone feels compelled to ask that question, I don’t want them to enjoy it, so it is. It’s the most woke thing that ever woked, if I encounter anyone asking. Go away and let normal people have fun with video games.

  13. StevoR says

    To think that sort of person reckons others are too sensitive and “snowflakes” huh? Also do .. do they actually know what pronouns are?

  14. Tethys says

    Oh no, Ranty McNeckbeard can’t enjoy a space fantasy RPG because it offers pronouns that enable you to play as characters of any gender?! Quelle Horror!!

    Maybe he should just stick to playing alone with his extensive doll collection, if he has such violent reactions to woke Hollywood agendas of offering pronoun options for your totally pretend character.

  15. silvrhalide says

    @1, 15 Soooo… is there an actual RPG based on Ursula Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness?

    @22 Yeah, but he’s in for a shock when he finds out his dolls aren’t actually anatomically correct and in fact, could be considered NB or genderless, based on all lack of plastic genitals… :D
    Just wait until he realizes that his command center/mom’s basement has been infiltrated by the nonbinary dolls… surely a Hollywood plot financed by George Soros to force everyone to choose pronouns.

  16. yeonkimu says

    Wait, all we needed to filter idiots out of games was to add pronouns? I demand them to be included in every single game from now on.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    The correct British pronoun for this gentleman would be “gammon”.
    This is a tribe that -among other things- pushed through Brexit.

  18. mudpuddles says

    The happy little bundle of sunshine and cuddles in that video is one of small group of professional crybabies who have collectively uploaded hours, and hours…. and hours of content to YouTube that consists of little more than them raging (sometimes alone, sometimes in groups*) and whining about the supposed wokeness of Hollywood. Much of their hatred is aimed at the Walt Disney Company and the Disney+ streaming service, but any piece of media that is female led or which has any cultural perspective other than white and “western” is likely to offend these (totally not twisted and not at all irrational and probably very mature and nice) people. The actor Rachel Zegler and the forthcoming Snow White remake movie seem to occupy a massive amount of their limited mental capacity, so they devote a significant proportion of their weird, cultish obsessions to her.

    I’ve watched a huge amount of their content, including from this cherub – it’s funny and entertaining (not for any reason they intend), but its also encouraging to learn that these fuckwits and their ilk have nothing but anger and insult to offer the world. They have their own ecosystem fuelled by horsecrap and clickbait, supported by mutual mental masturbation, but they have none of the critical thinking skills they loudly claim to possess, nothing they present is backed by rational enquiry (or even much logic), and generally the only evidence presented is their own hurt feefees or quotes from other, like-minded folks. No one could ever reasonably accuse them of spreading insight, intelligence, vision or even common sense to their followers. Unfortunately, they know how to more than make up for their denseness with copious amounts of bile and noise, and they do that rather well.

    * I wonder what the collective noun for alt-right wankers is? A vacancy? A dimness? A whinge?

  19. raven says

    The actor Rachel Zegler and the forthcoming Snow White remake movie seem to occupy a massive amount of their limited mental capacity, so they devote a significant proportion of their weird, cultish obsessions to her.

    So, how did they survive the movie Barbie?
    And the remake of The Little Mermaid with a Mermaid that didn’t come out of the 1950s suburbs.

    Not that I really care.
    If they literally melted down, that is one less Trump voter.

  20. Hex says

    I really need people to understand that beyond “haha guy angry about pronoun options”, this is someone with an intense hatred towards trans people, and ranting about pronouns is a way for him to communicate that without saying the quiet part out loud. Now realize that people like him are everywhere, including at highest levels of national office constantly spouting lies and bigotry, and understand why people like me are so terrified right now

  21. kome says


    Completely agree. Beneath the tantrum, that is a guy expressing in a coded way that if he could get away with brutally murdering a trans person, he would do so with a smile on his face. That’s what these outbursts are: the socially acceptable way for guys like him to signal who they think society’s undesirables are. And a cursory glance throughout history shows us what people who look like him do with who he deems as society’s undesirables.

  22. fishy says

    A set of lungs and a tenor voice.
    As an envious someone without these attributes all I can say is what a waste and fuck him.

  23. John Morales says

    All true, but surely there’s an element of performativity there.

    Shock jock type of thing. Hamming it up.

    (Alex Jones type)

  24. Robbo says

    I started playing Starfield last week. I had read that it is “woke,” like that’s a bad thing.

    I thought I would play a character that looks female. Then it gave me the option to choose pronouns. so I chose he/her. Because I could. I think it is great that option is in the game, because now anyone can make a character that matches how they identify, if they so choose. I also suspect that your character can have a relationship with any of the NPCs…so get ready for right wing haters to freak out about any relationship in the game that isn’t cis-norm.

    Also, I came across a spaceship that hailed me. The gay male couple invited me onboard their ship to celebrate their anniversary.

    So yeah. Woke!

  25. says

    Asking other people what pronouns they want to use is “narcissism?” This fool may not need a lobotomy, but he sure as hell needs some sort of intervention; at least if he’s regularly venturing out of his precious fantasy-gaming world in his momma’s basement or wherever he’s holed up…

  26. says

    Shorter angry skinhead: “Thief! Thief!! Thief!!! Pronouns! We hates it! We hates it!! We hates it forever!!!

    BTW, I heard a rumor about a Starfield bug where a player who reloads from a save cannot fire ranged weapons. The only fix is to change your gender. Everyone in the know seems quite baffled as to what sort of code would cause an error like this.

  27. captrench says

    The guy in the video is a great example of the very terms I imagine he would love to throw at those he disagrees with. Terms like “triggered” and “snowflake”. If all you have to get worked up about on a day is a game developer choosing to give players of a game the option to choose their avatars pronouns… you doing ok buddy.

    Sure, pronouns can be a bit awkward and confusing to adjust to for anyone whose always thought the world was “just so”. But in a game, on a character selection screen? Its as effortless as breathing just to select what you want, and move on.

    As a fellow Brit, I find this guy laughable on the one hand, and then sad when i think that this is just one more snowflake amongst millions who would rather get triggered and rage at the mechanisms of inclusion, than support them.

    SAD! ;)