I called it

Back in May, I suggested that we have seen who Ken Ham’s chosen successor would be. I was correct. It’s Martyn Iles. Ho hum.

Iles was formerly the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, and was kicked out because he was terrible at his job and godless Australians kept winning legislative victories while membership in the organization declined. Let’s hope he keeps his losing streak going!

There are many people at Answers in Genesis who have stood by Ham — I really wonder about the internal politics here, when the Big Boss brings in a total stranger over the heads of the existing staff and announces that he will be the next man in charge. I almost feel sorry for Bodie Hodge, his son-in-law, who has now been officially passed over.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Cage fight!
    Remember, the winner has God on his side, so this surely justfies any means.
    I would love for Iles to “fall out a window” like they do in Russia.

  2. billseymour says

    I’m wondering why I should care who’s in charge of that organization.  Can anybody enlighten me?

  3. says

    The Australian Christian Lobby wasn’t a complete failure. They successfully lobbied both major parties, getting their leaders to attend and speak at their events. The only one to refuse was our first and only female PM, Julia Gillard because of their vile views on homosexuality. They did successfully lobby a string of politicians in the major far right party that until recently governed Australia although I wouldn’t call their corruption and incompetence government. Australia has a system where legislation passed by the lower house has to be approved by the Senate. It is very easy for minor parties to get a senate seat and hold the balance of power. Extreme right parties including some very nasty “Christians” have succeeded in this for decades.
    He sounds like the right pick if they want to continue their political grifting for god.

  4. microraptor says

    I suggest a gimmick match. Preferably one that involves setting the Ark on fire.

  5. lumipuna says

    Does this mean Ham will be raptured soon?

    He will fly away with a number of AiG workers and found a new Christian theme park somewhere.

  6. Michael Noone says

    Australia still has a few Christian extremists we could do without. Are there any takers?

  7. tacitus says

    So out of his five kids and eighteen grandchildren (minus the girls and women, I guess), not a one is capable of or wants to follow in their patriarch’s footsteps?

    Not for want of trying, though:

    The Boone County, Ky.-based non-profit best known for its Creation Museum, which portrays a non-evolutionary history of the world’s creation based on the Biblical book of Genesis, employed seven of Ham’s family members in fiscal 2012-13.

    Those family members were Renee Hodge, Ham’s daughter, who earned $34,000 that fiscal year; Danielle Johnson, another daughter, who earned $19,767; Kristel Ham, a third daughter, who earned $13,312; Jeremy Ham, a son, who earned $40,166; David Hodge, Ham’s son-in-law, who earned $59,973; Susan Ham, a daughter-in-law, who earned $21,002; and Stephen Ham, Ken Ham’s brother, who earned $74,856.

    Bodie Hodge will be crying into his pillow tonight…

  8. tacitus says

    Oh, and didn’t he realize that veteran creationist leader Matt Powell is still available…?

  9. says

    You’re absolutely right, PZ. You did called him and he’s apparently the one Dumb idiot Ham chose him to take his place in helping him run all of his putrid attractions and their locations to the ground.

  10. billseymour says

    tacitus @11:  I can’t help but notice that the men made more than the women.  Why am I not surprised?

  11. says

    …I almost feel sorry for Bodie Hodge, his son-in-law, who has now been officially passed over.

    If you’re a right-wing Christian Republican, you should be used to that. Remember when two-term Governor Mike Huckabee got passed over for Sarah Palin as McCain’s running-mate in 2008? Not to mention all the other Republican governors who will never have a chance of even being nominated for President.

  12. llyris says

    I hope this means he’s moving to USA. Now, if only we could export the other nutters too.

  13. brightmoon says

    I’m with billseymour , why should I care with ignoramus is taking over for Ham . I don’t feel sorry for Hodge. He comes off as an nonentity which is probably why Ham passed on him . He should count his blessings, he can now sneak off quietly instead of continuing to embarrass himself in public

  14. oaktownathiest says

    Awwww, poor Bodie. Now I wonder who is going to take over for Kent Hovind, as Matt Powell has left the con-pound.