1. StevoR says

    Hmm.. Not quite sure what arthropods these are.. Looks like they’re intended to be spiders with the egg sack and the 8 legs but bodies don’t look quite right and one appears more Coeloptera or Beetle-y being at least seemingly beetle-backed but, again, having it appears 8 legs albeit many of them not properly in view on the other two characters. I also doubt they’d get that close together voluntarily except for mating or eating.. Mandibles don’t seem accurate either although strange head adornments aren’t exactly unknown amongst invertebrates..

    Then too there’s the 14 story high complex inhabitation structure which would indicate social critters particlarly evoking the tall termite mounds yet of course Termites are actually in the Blattodea family and related to Cockroaches and lack egg sacks having different care and generative structures & cycles (eggs, larvae) for their young so .. yeah.

    A bit of a confusing invertebrate mash here really.

    (Yes, I know its a cartoon and very heaviliy anthropomorphised. Also speaking english. Still.)

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I know a couple of governors who would make great food sources for the grubs.
    If you pay for the liposuction, I can donate additional nourishment.

  3. vereverum says

    @ #4
    I read the articles and they show why science is losing out to the barbarians.
    How big is it? Giant.
    How big is it? Large.
    How big is it? Impressive.
    And, of course, be sure there is nothing in the photo of known size to compare.
    I once saw a spider (dead) that was about 10″ longways; slightly less across. That was big.

  4. StevoR says

    @3. cartomancer : 9 legs? (Looks again closely.) Huh. You’re right.

    @5. larpar : Well, given the scale & resolution they could be compound ones maybe but yeah.