A good joke

This is a mildly amusing xkcd:

What makes it great, though, is the alt text.

“Although I hear they were caught cheating off of Rosalind, who sat at a desk in front of them.”


  1. seachange says

    I didn’t get the cartoon, but guessed that Rosalind was likely Rosalind Franklin who did get cheated. Then I looked back at the cartoon and kinda sorta got it? What is the purpose of iterating the unit-shape of the original infinity/diamond?

  2. nomdeplume says

    If this is a test of my declining brain power with age then I have definitely lost it. The cheating part is good though, it should never be forgotten how Franklin was robbed, and the Nobel Prize rubbed salt in the wound.

  3. Tethys says

    I am amused by the alt-text and also by the fact that Rosalind’s sketch is exactly how I was taught to draw the scrollwork borders for illuminated manuscripts.