Ken’s Kult Kompound is growing!

Ken Ham is bragging again. Whatever happened to Xian humility?

What’s most interesting is that “seasonal housing”. When Ham was lobbying for big tax breaks from Kentucky, one of his arguments was that they’d be bringing so many jobs to the area…only it turns out relatively few people want to work for low wages at a job that requires a loyalty oath and total fealty to conservative Christian ideals. So now he’s building cheap dorms and recruiting zealous young Christians to come work for his ministry. I wonder how much he pays them, if anything?

It’s a bizarre ministry that is going to bring converts to Jesus by way of zip lines and an imported Italian carousel, I guess.


  1. quotetheunquote says

    @Reginald Selkirk #1:

    Come to think of it, surely the petting zoo should be in the ark, right?

  2. quotetheunquote says

    Gotta admit, although I know they will be more-or-less “asking for it”, I feel sorry for those (potential) workers staying in the seasonal housing. Sounds a lot like “Jonesville-lite”.

  3. says

    I can draw comparisons between Dumb Idiot Ham and TFG’s faculties and I find a lot of similarities between the two of them.

    Make promises they’ll never keep
    Run neighboring businesses and towns to the ground
    Force employees to slave long hours for peanuts
    Never caring about the needs of employees
    Belittle, insult, slander, abuse, and shut out anyone who is black, brown, gay, etc.
    Bully anyone into caving into their demands
    Engage in praise and adulation all the time

    Seeing newly hired employees being forced to sign a paper containing a statement that agrees with Dumb Idiot Ham’s selfish, toxic, make-believe ideology is no different than seeing cult churches making their newest members sign a statement agreeing to every toxic ideology the pastor preaches about, ignore the pastor’s crimes and corruption, and never ask him where all the money the gullible congregations gives him goes.

  4. larpar says

    What is the Horticulture at the top of the picture? I know what horticulture is, I majored in it. Does Ham have the summer help growing vegetables or something?
    And why have a virtual reality building? The whole park is virtual reality.

  5. says

    The place has lots of landscaping. I imagine that they’ve got a department dedicated to maintaining flowers and shrubs and lawns.

  6. says

    I was wondering the same thing. Seriously, does he know how to handle a horticulture?

    Seriously, will he add another zip line added to his putrid park just like he did at the “museum?” And what about the petting zoo at the putrid “museum?” How many people are caring for the animals at the putrid “museum” and how many more will be caring for the animals at the other petting zoo at Ham’s putrid park?

    You know, the way things are going Dumb Idiot Ham could move his putrid museum to his putrid park if he wants to

  7. says

    I gotta confession to make. I’m a paleoartist buff who’s guilty goes ga ga over all kinds of dinosaur art no matter how inaccurate and fanciful they are. Unfortunately that often got me into lustfully pursuing creation dinosaur crap that the likes of the late Duane Gish and Dumb Idiot Ham would grossly promote regardless of how wrong, fanciful, and inaccurate they really are.

    Many years ago in the mid to late 90s’ while I was struggling to make sense of creationism I was forced into by my fundie mom, I was so attracted to Dumb Idiot Ham’s alluring, yet deceptive dinosaur materials that I sent out a letter and a drawing of a dinosaur carousel to Dumb Idiot Ham suggesting he and his cronies could use it for their dungy materials. They wrote me back saying that they like what I did and told me that they’ve already hired a team of artists for their crap and thank me for sending them my artwork to share. That was then.

    Today, never again. Older, wiser, and far more discerning, I’d be caught dead if I find myself going gaga over Dumb Idiot Ham’s dinosaur crap let alone visit his awful putrid park and museum from Hell.

  8. says

    Not to mention have what it takes to handle floods. After all it is a flood plain Dumb Idiot Ham and his cronies have set up his fraudulent wooden oil tanker impersonating “ark” upon.

  9. gearloose says

    Ark encounter sounds so drab; needs a more exciting title, such as “Noah’s magical mobile menagerie.”

  10. moarscienceplz says

    “although I know they will be more-or-less “asking for it”, I feel sorry for those (potential) workers staying in the seasonal housing.”
    There’s a lot of brain washing in fundie religious households. My father was convinced that attending church was essential to a good moral foundation, and even though HE somehow nearly always managed to be scheduled to work on Sundays, he would interrogate my mom to ensure she made all us kids go to church. So, you can’t assume religious teens are a product of informed consent.

  11. robro says

    Speaking of landscaping, does Ham address the question of how plants survived the flood? Or the gazillions of animals that live in the soil, and make the soil that plants thrive on? I don’t know a lot about either, but I do know too much water is just as bad as not enough water. And too much high-saline water would be really bad. Surely Noah didn’t pack all of those kinds of living things on his big boat. In fact, he wouldn’t have even known about the microscopic animals in the soil.

  12. PaulBC says

    As Dorothy Parker said, “You can lead a horticulture…” Maybe it’s Ken Ham’s outreach to “fallen women.” That or medicinal marijuana. There’s nothing in the Bible that says you can’t, is there?

  13. JimB says


    Where is the Drowning Pool?

    Their first names are so similar it’s easy to get them confused. The Drowning Pool is over at Kent Hovind’s Dinosaur land…

  14. robro says

    Owosso Harpist @ #19 — I was involved in the church until my early 20s, and the Noah story was common faire. It was always about the mammals and birds. No one even bothered to rationalize how plants, insects, arachnids, and the thousands of soil animals survived. Fish and sea mammals also weren’t mentioned but I think it was assumed they could survive.

    No worries about the name. I mistype stuff all the time.