What next?

As a cis-het relatively healthy white male person in a stable financial position, I’m getting worried. Who can I victimize next? We’ve trampled on the rights of people of other races, lord knows if you get sick you are fucked, The Gays are mocked and abused, we are definitely punishing the poor for being poor, and we’re deep into our campaign to humiliate and torture trans people.

But…once we’ve achieved our goals and completed The Cis Agenda, what are we to do? Who’s the next group (who isn’t us, obviously) we can beat down and abuse to make ourselves feel good about ourselves? I feel like we’ve reached the final frontier, the end of history. “When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.” Or perhaps more appropriately, what do schoolyard bullies do when they’ve beaten up all the smaller kids at the playground?

Are you feeling some pity for the privileged cis folk yet?


  1. Rich Woods says

    what do schoolyard bullies do when they’ve beaten up all the smaller kids at the playground?

    Go back to the first one and start all over again.

  2. raven says

    That is a tough one.

    The hates of the fundie xians/GOP are many. They include women, children, gays, trans, nonwhites, nonxians, atheists, scientists, and the educated.
    If you add them up, they are most of the population.

    The latest targets are…health care workers. A large number of fundie xians are now claiming that the hospitals murder their patients for money. Anthony Fauci, the long serving head of one section of the NIH, is routinely accused of crimes against humanity such as helping the Chinese to invent the Covid-19 virus.

    Bingo!!! We have a winner here. For now, it is going to be health care workers; doctors, nurses, EMTs, the medical assistants, custodial staff, etc..

  3. raven says

    Politifact May, 2020

    Fact-checking viral video alleging some New York hospitals are ‘murdering’ COVID-19 patients
    This is a screen grab of a 10-minute video posted April 30, in which a woman alleges a friend told her that New York City hospitals treating COVID-19 patients are leaving the patients to “rot and die.” We examined three of her problematic claims.

    Tom Kertscher By Tom Kertscher May 14, 2020
    A woman made a video claiming that a nurse working on the COVID-19 front lines in New York City told her that some hospitals there are “murdering” COVID-19 patients by the way they care for them, or by neglect.

    One claim is the hospitals aren’t using proven treatments, but none of the treatments cited in the video, including hydroxychloroquine, are proven treatments for COVID-19.

    Another claim is ventilators are damaging the lungs of patients. Ventilators are crucial for some of the sickest patients, but hospitals have changed the way they use ventilators as they treat more patients.

    The video also claims that patients in “full code” are simply left to die. Health care providers denied that those patients are simply neglected. But some hospitals besieged by patients did institute policies allowing for do-not-resuscitate options to avoid spreading the virus.

    An alarming video spreading online features a woman with a dire message from the front lines of New York City hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

    These claims that hospitals are killing people for the money are pervasive and widespread on social media.

    .1. The corollary is they also tell people to stay out of those murder factories known as hospitals. Some of them do so. They also die from doing so.
    In my local area, some days between 1/4 and 1/2 of all Covid-19 virus deaths occur at home.

    .2. The other corollary is that attacks against health care workers are common. In some places it can be multiple times a day from patients and/or patient families. They get yelled at, people file murder accusations with the police, threaten them with lawsuits, assault them, dox them, and so on.

  4. crimsonsage says

    Unironically this is exactly why fascism is a death cult. It is all about circumscribing the body politic tighter and tighter to get the “pure” “demos” but there is no objective material lower limit on purity. They will find more ans more and more things, they are already at the point of going after ideological enemies, so don’t worry PZ you already have our good company in the oven lines. Personally I think they go after catholics next, they are already working on pre modern diseases why not schisms.

  5. StevoR says

    Thinking of fighting the Swiss in the future and a logical reason why that might be..

  6. Callinectes says

    You could always roll back wheelchair access and put inhalers on the Class A list.

  7. magistramarla says

    Callinectes @13
    Texas rolled back wheelchair access long ago. As soon as Abbott was elected, he cut off the funds that would give wheelchair access to the state capitol building. Of course, he has wheelchair access using his private entrance.

  8. blf says

    Who can I victimize next?

    Baristas. Your espresso hasn’t the right amount of froth? It’s the barista’s fault. Wrong amount (too little or too much) chocolate sprinkled on your cappuccino? It’s the barista’s fault. Poor selection of beers? It’s the barista’s fault. All the tables are taken? It’s the barista’s fault. The café is closed? It’s the barista’s fault. Or — today’s actual problem — the café had no vin rouge? In France! It’s the barista’s fault.

    (Just in case it’s not clear, I’m not serious, it’s very much not the barista’s fault. Not even having no vin rouge (that really did happen today).)

  9. says

    Canadians! That’s it, we can start picking on Canadians!

    You say jokingly, but Americans were major funders of the plague rat convoy and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to hear talk about sending in US troops to “liberate” us from our centre right… sorry, “communist” government.


  10. mcfrank0 says

    As usual, I am late to the party, but PZ, you were so close at guessing who’s next. It’s going to be fracturing, schism, and internal fighting. Trump is already pointing the way with his disownment of Mo Brooks.