North Idaho. Enough said.

This woman does not believe you should define people by their race, but she carries a sign that says “proud white supremacist”, because white supremacist is synonymous with “patriot”.

No, it’s not.

She’s from Hayden Lake, by the way.


  1. raven says

    “The term ‘white supremacist’ nowadays means you’re a patriot.”

    No it doesn’t.

    It means you are an inferior human.
    If you look at the white supremacists they have low IQs, low education levels, and erratic employment histories. They usually have criminal records, mostly for minor and stupid crimes but up to and including murder. Failed marriages and domestic abuse are also common.
    What they lack are any accomplishments that they got through their own actions and abilities.

  2. brightmoon says

    Hayden Lake ? Remember actor Richard Haydn ( the manager ) in the Sound of Music . The character’s attitude towards the nazis was amusing in the video though acting like that would have been dangerous in real life.

  3. hillaryrettig1 says

    I can’t believe we’re sliding back into fascism, after < 100 years.

    I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast about how British soldiers, returning from WWII, saw Oswald Effing Mosley and his fascists mobilizing at home, and created an organization to disrupt and silence them:

    Imagine coming home from a war, and having seen the concentration camps, and encountering these monsters once more on your home turf. Imagine fighting a second war, right after coming home from WWI.

  4. romeoecho says

    I guess I’m ahead of the curve… for a while now, I’ve had to had to assume if someone proudly announced themselves as a “Patriot”, that was code for “white supremacist/fascist”. Honestly my opinion of America is so low right now that if I see a car with even an American flag on it, I assume they are a “Patriot” as defined above.

  5. says

    I’ve been suspicious of people who make a big show of flying the flag ever since the Nixon administration, when those shits all wore flag lapel pins, all the while working to subvert the law and Constitution with their break-ins, coverups and enemies lists.
    There are people in eastern Oregon who want to secede from the state and become part of Idaho, taking more than half of Oregon (land-wise, certainly not people-wise) with them. Fortunately, the bulk of the population lives in cities in the I-5 corridor and values that lovely desert east of the mountains and the idea doesn’t seem to have gained too much traction.

  6. crivitz says

    For the uninitiated, there is an idea that Idaho isn’t a single state that has northern and southern regions. North Idaho and South Idaho are two separate states contained in one. Kinda like WA and OR are each divided into two states by the Cascade mountain range. Unlike WA and OR however, both sides of the Idaho geographical divide are politically conservative. Not sure exactly how this works out, but South ID is an agricultural region that is part of the Morridor while North ID is more libertarian. Come to think of it, there are probably geopolitical divides that can be found in most of the rest of US states.

  7. davidc1 says

    @7 There is some great footage of ossie doing his bit in Birmingham(UK) I think it was,he gets decked.HAHA.
    Some of the Blackshirt’s who joined the British army and ended up as POW’s later joined
    the SS,they wore a shield with a Union Jack in the middle.
    I forgot what they called themselves,rumour has it that they ended up defending Berlin.
    There was a twenty year gap between WW1 ending and WW2 starting.

  8. says

    I wonder why these wannabe brownshirts were flying what seem to be the French and Dutch flags?

    As a Dutchman I’m pretty sure that in general the Dutch and French want nothing to do with these people. (Even though we both have our own groups of deplorables.)

  9. beholder says

    @9 Aoife_b

    Gods the state I live in is an embarrassment

    If it makes you feel any better, all 50 states have a white supremacy problem. On second thought, that doesn’t make me feel better…

    Your state has the advantage of getting negative publicity about it now, though. Best case, it motivates fellow decent human beings to do something about them and reduce their influence.

  10. vereverum says

    @ #4 Lynna, OM
    “That avowed white “supremist” cannot pronounce “supremacist” properly.”
    Perhaps the Gazpacho will arrest her.

  11. Rich Woods says

    @davidc1 #12:

    Some of the Blackshirt’s who joined the British army and ended up as POW’s later joined the SS,they wore a shield with a Union Jack in the middle.

    I think you might mean the British Freikorps, although that wasn’t made up only of former Blackshirts. The Friekorps’ primary distinction was that it never had a membership much greater than a couple of dozen.

  12. Walter Solomon says

    vereverum @14

    Perhaps the Gazpacho will arrest her.

    Speak of the devil, the “gazpacho lady” herself has recently attended a white supremacist, pro-Russian rally by Nick Fuentes.

  13. davidc1 says

    @16 Yeah,that’s them.I have two books on the subject Hitler’s Englishmen,and Jackal’s of the Reich.
    I would give you the Author’s names,but I can’t find them.

  14. whheydt says

    Speaking of an inability to spell what you’re complaining about (however erroneously), the con I run got a social media post claiming that our COVID-19 policies (vaccination required and checked at badge pickup, masks all the time not eating or drinking, not eating or drinking in the convention activity areas, save drinking with a straw that could bend and go under the mask). He claimed we were violating “HIPPA”. Since he couldn’t spell “HIPAA” correctly, we paid him no attention.

    That does seem to be a popular error, though.

  15. says

    Just across the border from British Columbia, only 300km from Vernon, BC’s white supremacist dumpster fire. Yuck.

    The rise of risible white supremacists looks like the last gasp of the desperate. They oppose the country’s changing demographics, so they oppose the country being democratic.

  16. birgerjohansson says

    The parts of USA with a White supremacist demographic are obvious candidates for a MAGA bantustan. Let’s call it “New South Africa” and use it as a reservoir of cheap coolie labor.
    They will of course be required to wear passports everywhere when working inside USA and live in designated townships.

  17. davidc1 says

    @16 According to what I have read, a lot of the reasons why a few Brits joined the Friegkorps had to do with obtaining access to German Women, German sausages,and German Beer.