Says the Facebook wanker with a mustache…

If Facebook actually cared about good conversations, there are an awful lot of groups and people who would be evicted. But they don’t. Mustache Guy buys things, so his opinion is encouraged.

I do wonder if he realizes he has just damned half the population of Earth, or whether he thinks there are estrogen-free women wandering around.


  1. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin is now working on cure, Special Serum Safely Solving Stuffs™©® (patent pending), which she says will completely solve some problem, albeit perhaps creating a world-wide shortage of S‘s. She hasn’t decided what problems it will completely solve yet, but perhaps that sssssss… sound of one’s brains leaking out after reading either that gibberish, the factsborked site it was on, or both. Pricing and availability to be announced. In the meantime use some corks to plug your ears to stop the brain-leaks, and strap some extra-large cushions to your forehead (and, if possible, desk) to prevent creating additional leaking-holes as you pound one into the other.

  2. robert79 says

    Reading this… as a guy… I sometimes think some of the weird incel conspiracy theorists might be on to something… Killing us all, freezing our sperm and going on without the stupid, irrational, hysteric half of the population might actually be the smart thing to do…

  3. says

    Estrogen is NOT a single chemical. It’s a whole class of chemicals that are necessary for human life. Without estrogen YOU WILL DIE. Male, female, non-binary, all humans need estrogen. It’s part of our makeup. I will also add that I’m a man who is very sensitive to hormones. The few times I’ve been on Prednizone, I wanted to kill myself it was so painful. All people rely on a delicate balance of estrogens, androgens and testosterones. Yes women also have testosterone. You don’t need testes to make testosterone. TLDR: Don’t fuck with your hormone levels if you are a normal human being. Only under the advisement of a doctor. It gets very dangerous very fast.

  4. blf says

    On a whim I used Generalissimo Google™ to search for menstruation isn't natural and found that is asserted by some in, or so it seems, the primarily(?) vegan community. I didn’t look into that any further; nothing seemed to burble about estrogens are poisonous or similar.

    Searching for that bonkers claim, I did find there is such as thing as estrogen toxicity and estrogen overdosing (which are apparently issues in veterinary medicine?), and one can kind-of sort-of maybe see how someone who doesn’t grasp “the dose makes the poison” could assert that nonsense.

  5. nomdeplume says

    Yeah, more and more of this stuff about, all part of the move of western civilisation back to the dark ages fueled by anti-science. I’ve seen “covid can be cured by vitaminD and good diet”.

  6. robro says

    This almost falls into Poe territory. Sometimes you can’t tell the absurd from the really absurd.

  7. jenorafeuer says

    A thought that runs through my mind on that… there are forms of malnutrition that can cause problems with menstruation; also a number of the louder more political and science-denying vegans (a.k.a. the people that piss even other vegans off) quite often have forms of malnutrition because you have to either take supplements or be very specific in what you eat on a strict vegan diet.

    So one wonders if that comes up in vegan communities because the more actively science-denying vegans are more likely to have issues with menstruation but also more likely to insist that they are at the peak of perfect health at the same time?

  8. Bruce says

    Likewise, all animal cells use potassium, but all natural potassium contains a radioactive isotope. Thus, all life is poisonous. The banana is EVERYONE’s worst nightmare, not just creationists’.
    Alternatively, we could say that the dose makes the poison, so the mustachioed poster will be safe if he avoids life forms with estrogen, who may likewise want to avoid him.

  9. says

    Weird concepts about menstruation go very far back. The notion that menstruation is somehow a bad thing keeps coming back.
    I suspect it has something to do with how it has nothing to do with male pleasure and men can only really learn about it by listening to women. For a certain category of men, that makes it a mind-boggling, Lovecraftian mystery.

  10. vereverum says

    Hey, 80% (EIGHTY percent) of muricans believe we should have mandatory labeling of food that contains DNA.
    google: dna food labels
    for more information.
    It’s like the multiverse hypothesis, if any thing can be believed, it will be.

  11. anat says

    Does this have anything to do with the idea that if AFAB people are pregnant or lactating as often as possible they don’t menstruate that much? Yuck.

  12. blf says

    jenorafeuer@11, If my notoriously-flakely memory is correct, what you hypothesise may indeed be (part of) the apparent phenomena — but please keep in mind I have no evidence, no “proof”, no actual data… it just seemed to me there was a noticeable number of “hits” on (VERY crudely), “(super?-)strict vegans seem to believe ‘menstruation isn't natural’.”

  13. R. L. Foster says

    Some of the foods containing phytoestrogens.

    Soy and soy based products, flax, sesame seeds, wheat, berries, oats, barley, dried beans, lentils, rice, alfalfa, mung beans, apples, carrots, peaches, garlic, red wine, cruciferous vegetables, wheat germ, rice bran, nuts.

    I guess that just leaves meat and fish.

  14. JustaTech says

    jenorafeuer @11: I read a book a while back called “Catching Fire: How Cooking made us Human” that posited that eating cooked food was necessary for the evolution of modern (ish) hominids because of the greater nutritional value of cooked foods in terms of accessible calories. As part of this hypothesis the author looked at studies of amenorrhea (loss of menstruation in post-puberty, pre-menopausal women) in raw vegans (the closest we can come today to seeing the impact of not cooking food) and, shocking few people, it’s very common even with the more calorically dense produce of the modern era.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a thing that happens, but I haven’t heard a lot of (non obnoxious) vegans say that it is a good thing.

  15. davidc1 says

    “ERK ERK ERK,that’s what the first caveman said when he dropped his slice of T -Rex into the fire.
    YUM YUM YUM,is what he said when it had cooled down enough for him to eat it.