A time to talk & think about something other than genetics

I’m going to be pumping out these genetics videos three times a week (!), but they’re really not intended to be popular fodder that will generate hordes of clicks and views. I’ve intentionally put title screens on them that are horribly bland, because they’re really intended for my students. I’m also so tired from keeping up with my classes every day — in part because I decided to restructure and rewrite the entire semester — that I’ve had trouble planning anything outside of class. So, just to keep my channel alive, I’m going to try something structureless and informal — I’ll just ramble for an hour or so on Friday night and see if anything interesting dribbles out of my mouth. Tomorrow, then, I’ll turn a webcam on my homely face and talk for a while, without much preparation.

As you can see, I want to kick Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson a bit more, but also there’s this new paper on the evolution of the inner ear in bats, so I intend to say a few things about it off the cuff. Or about whatever else springs into my tired brain.


  1. says

    Saw a clip from that podcast that made me wonder if they were trying to out asshole each other. Seriously, which one is more vile? We should hold a vote. My money is on Rogan because he’s the one I want to ear-slap first. Peterson is doing more damage in reality but Rogan is the more blatant asshole.

  2. says

    When I saw you were going to talk about Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson I mistook the title for Rat Evolution. Bats are much more interesting. So are rats for that matter.

  3. StevoR says

    Or about whatever else springs into my tired brain.

    Spiders? Cephalopods & other marine molluscs? Zebra fish? Electrical impulses?

    SCOTUS and politics? Social trends? Global Overheating.. the JWST and its astronomical potential?

    Not that you really need suggestions.. But one more : Any thoughts of returning to that SF video game you were playing sometime mid-last year-ish with exploring the alien biology and zoology – & maybe alien mycology too?

  4. nomdeplume says

    Good stuff PZ. But how on earth can you criticize Powell? After all he says Darwin was an unqualified idiot, so, you know…

  5. unclefrogy says

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