Wacked again

Kent Hovind featured me on his wack-an-athest segment last night on YouTube. It was the same ol’. As usual, he never listens to anyone, so he spent a bunch of time telling me that I really do believe I came from a rock, and then he skipped through a few pages of Campbell Biology, reading excerpts from their short history of the Big Bang, nucleosynthesis, condensation of the Earth, etc., to declare that that textbook also says we came from a rock. He also said he’s been in 260 debates, and that he has won every one of them, and that even the professors and atheists all agreed that he had defea-Ted his opponents, while his Igor, Matt Powell, nodded vigorously over his shoulder and his claque jeered in the background.

The man is delusional and insane, and he’s got a cult who believes his every word. He invited me to come on down to his Alabama compound again, but who in his right mind would do that?

I won’t link to him, you’ll have to look it up on YouTube yourself, but only if you’ve been very naughty and feel the need to be punished. Hint: he misspelled my name as Meyers in the title, because of course he did.

Oh, cool. Now Brett Keane is piling on. I’m being dragged down into the slime for sure.


  1. Walter Solomon says

    The man is delusional and insane, and he’s got a cult who believes his every word.

    Doesn’t that remind you of another criminal who never shuts up and also enjoys attacking opponents? All that’s needed is a fool holding a “Blacks for Hovind” sign and the resemblance would be uncanny.

  2. profpedant says

    I would give Hovind the ‘came from a rock’ line if he could accurately explain the current theories on how life came into existence. However, an oversimplification from someone who doesn’t understand what they are oversimplifying is unacceptable.

  3. says

    How stupid is Brett Keane? He’s telling his viewers that I’ve got a whole series of articles defending rape apologetics as evolutionarily sound, and that I want to kill deformed and weak children for being unfit.
    I guess he saw that I’ve frequently argued against evolutionary psychology and eugenics, and misinterpreted them to think I was in favor.
    Creationists can’t read.

  4. Louis says

    But your name is spelled “Meyers”, right?

    On a related note, just how long has that joke been running? I remember it from Talk.Origins/Alt.Atheism from well over 20 years ago.


  5. says

    Since the mid-1990s, at least.

    As everyone knows, it’s actually spelled Mxvziqvbblers, but that’s hard to remember so everyone shortens it to something their brains can cope with. It’s one of the lesser travails of life as a transdimensional being temporarily stranded in a Euclidean universe.

  6. says

    It also doesn’t help that the accurate spelling varies with the alignment of the stars and is parameterized with the title of the number one song on the pop charts.

  7. davidc1 says

    Just posted the following, I think I laid it on a bit thick in places.

    greate job dismatlting that crazy loon so called dr meyers,is he jewish he has got a beard and a nose so that proves it i used to beleive in evilution iturned my back on the lord my savoit[r jexus h christ and everytjing that was good and holesum i now have seeen the light praise the lord i will cover my self in his hoiy sperit and spread the good news about his second coming due any day now what ever those godless heavens mock praise the lord for i have seene the light at the end of the railway tunnel

  8. Bruce says

    The fundies love the idea of only two extremes. Everyone is either totally good or totally evil.
    So they want to believe there are exactly two views: god Magic’d everything, or else everything came from matter, which equals rocks. So, to them, every version of abiogenesis means it came from rocks.
    One of the ironies of this view of pretending the real world is black and white, with no colors, is that it suggests that when granny dies, her essence is a spirit that magics up to Heaven, while her body magics into a rock. Because anything not living is a rock. But if the fundies understood consistency, then they would not have different funerals for different rocks. They want to spend $10,000 or more on a funeral for the rock body that used to hold their granny. It is the demand of everything being binary that makes them always ridiculous. They aren’t able even to commit to a B&W view, but jump erratically between that view and sentimentality and back whenever they please. You can’t do a debate with someone who doesn’t care about agreeing with himself.

  9. cheerfulcharlie says

    P.Z. Meyers believes he “came from a rock”? And this loony thinks man came from a pile of dirt, right?

    Genesis 2
    7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

    Truly, these loony’s are morons.

  10. cheerfulcharlie says

    And on the fifth day God created guinea worms, brain eating amoebas, malaria carrying misquitoes, tsetse flies, river blindness worms, cholera bacteria and amoebic dysentery and God saw thar it was good.

  11. PaulBC says

    Obviously, life came from inorganic matter, because evidence of life is significantly newer than the age of the universe. Exactly how abiogenesis occurred is a much harder question, and people are still working on it. Evolution of living things with genes and reproducing is entirely different and better understood.

    Hovind can call this “you came from a rock” and laugh all he wants, but all he’s laughing at is his own ignorance.

    I suspect that deep down most creationists have never really given up on vitalism. That’s what makes a line like Hovind’s resonate with his equally ignorant audience.

  12. Alt-X says

    He’s not very popular even with other Christians. Anyone with half a brain stays away from those clowns. He and Igor are just trolls that are doing more damage to their brand of Christianity than helping. They’re just too stupid to realise, which is hilarious!

  13. gijoel says

    @6 if Kent can get you to say or spell your name backwards, do you have to return to your home dimension?

  14. davidc1 says

    @14 Funny they don’t mention any of them in the hymn, All Things Bright and Beautiful.