I tried walking to the lab

I actually walked all the way there, through the snow, got to the door, and discovered that Mary had stolen my keys and I couldn’t get in. So I trudged back home, retrieved my keys, and then was so worn out (I’ve been laid up for a few months now) and so cold (yes, it’s a major snow day) that I gave up and put on my warm slippers and told myself I’d try again tomorrow.

No hurry. We’re supposed to get around 10cm of snow today, better to spend the time indoors.


  1. imback says

    Yay for metric units! Let’s continue to use them for weather.

    (And getting 10 inches would have been rougher.)

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin — an expert on cold days, tropical vacations, and both — claims the proper approach would have been to strap a surplus Saturn V rocket to yer back and jet skilunar launch yerself in the general direction of the lab. The transit time would be shorter, and the arrival less ambiguous, albeit the flying bricks suggest a hardhat is perhaps advisable.

  3. malleefowl says

    Good Grief. I could do with some of that weather right now. We just had the hottest Christmas day ever recorded here in Perth. Not that we celebrate the day but we do get together as a family; and having anything but cold salads when it is 42.8 C is a bit much.

  4. ANB says

    Unfortunately, your blog doesn’t allow one to post pics, otherwise, I’d rub your nose in my daily pics of the Mendocino coast.

    I’m also way underpaid for my job (School Superintendent/Principal/Teacher), but I get the gorgeous coast here to finish my long days every day. (And we had snow just ten miles inland today, which I drove through).

    Oops, I’m sending from work as I chose not to have internet at home. So, still working.

  5. davidc1 says

    @2 The Doc doing a Wile E.Coyote,now that would be a sight worth watching.
    Stolen your keys,I knewed she was upset at you for something.