It’s astonishing how little creativity & novelty & thought goes on in Kent Hovind’s pretty little head

Kent Hovind made a fresh shiny new video! That is exactly the same as all of his videos: lies, bullshit, and incompetence. So I had to reply. Sorry. I’m done with this chewtoy now.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Kent H should be more concerned with getting more problems with justice and less with making videos. Isn’t he due for retirement soon? Then he can sit next go Grandpa Simpson and complain.
    BTW -PZ, if the lock to your car should freeze solid, I recommend a sacrifice to Yog-Sototh, the Opener Of Ways. The one useful god.

  2. John Morales says

    I recommend a sacrifice to Yog-Sototh, the Opener Of Ways.

    Hm. Get the invocation not quite right, and the cytoplasm will spill out of your cells, the blood from your vessels, and your marrow from your bones… which is kinda messy.

  3. outis says

    @7 garydagan: hey, the shirt was the only palatable part of the Hovind video, cause the rest, well…
    I was astonished (but not that much) that he could drag astronomy into it. The sun is shrinking? Well yes, but not at timescales of thousands of years. He must have heard something about the old Kelvin hypothesis for a shrinking sun, proposed to explain its heat output. But it was before nuclear fusion had been discovered, so it didn’t last very long.
    And yet again I am astonished at our Perfesser’s forbearance, subjecting himself to this stuff.

  4. drsteve says

    Given the source, there’s no surprise at all about the inanity of the argument. But ignoring the actual content, what keeps boggling my mind is the excerpt from the end of this guy’s thesis thingey. The implication seems to be that he thinks figures are of little importance in this type of paper, and that a one paragraph description of a hypothetical chart he never bothered to actually plot would be convincing to a knowledgeable audience. This is such a perfectly bizarre and naive idea of what peer-reviewed scientific writing actually is that a small part of me is finding it almost perversely charming in spite of myself.

  5. davidc1 says

    @2 A rabbit ,a priest ,and a vicar walked into a blood bank .
    The rabbit said “I Don’t Know About the Rest of You ,But I am a Typo”.

  6. says

    so in case anyone was wondering the Shrinking Sun hypothesis is a 19th century attempt to account for where the sun’s energy comes from. It was right at the point where they’d figured out thermodynamics and conservation of energy that this became a huge mystery.

    Turns out if you take a uniformly dense ball with the current sun’s mass and radius, and have it be shrinking at a rate of 40 km/year, the decrease in gravitational potential would account for the current sun’s energy output even if you have zero clue about what’s actually turning that into light. Naturally, if you try to extrapolate this backwards, you get consequences re the age of the earth, like it can’t be more than 10-20 million years, which was at odds with what Darwin and the geologists needed.

    But still this (the Helmholtz-Thomas contraction theory) remained the consensus of physicists for the latter half of the century. The game completely changed when radioactivity was discovered and brought up the possibility that massive amounts of energy could be released from nuclear processes, but that took until 1939 to sort that out.

  7. Rob Grigjanis says

    wrog @12:

    Helmholtz-Thomas contraction theory

    You mean the Kelvin*-Helmholtz contraction mechanism?

    *aka William Thomson, not Thomas.

  8. billseymour says

    Mano Singham has a whole chapter in his book, The Great Paradox of Science, about the controversy over the age of the Earth and why it took a while to resolve.  This non-scientist found it very interesting to see how the scientific process actually works.

  9. areyouashoggoth says

    The thing that I find most repulsive about this video isn’t the laziness, or the plagiarism, or the failure to even try to work out the arithmetic behind his claims, or the fact that he’s learned absolutely nothing in 50 years– it’s the fact that, if you compare the arguments made here against other arguments made by Hovind and other creationists, but not presented in this video, the comparison reveals an overwhelming bad faith. Young earth creationists are fond of dismissing various radiometric dating techniques, because those techniques support dates for the earth, and both natural and human-made objects found therein, that are far older than their 6000-year timeline. When that happens, they claim that the tests themselves are unreliable because ‘you can’t assume a constant rate of decay’, or some such thing. But apparently when it suits him, he has no problem assuming constant rates of all kinds of things that are not in fact constant. The dishonesty and bad faith needed to do both of these things are truly breathtaking.

  10. KG says

    Hovind’s crap about the authority of the Bible is not aimed at non-believers – it’s aimed at non-fundamentalist Christians.