What’s this? Labor day? Isn’t every day labor day?

In America, I think Labor Day just means another day in which you will labor, just like every other day, so I have chosen to celebrate this holiday by working all day long on grading. Yay!

I shall begin my happy day with a bowl of gruel.


  1. blf says

    Poopyhead’s Grading Guel™ — Made from 100% recycled exams stuffed full of facts with added spider ! Nutritious, filling, and contains all your essential bugs, with the added spice of silken web. Easy to prepare, just pour out a serving from the (recycled and recyclable) flask, heat over the local politican’s hot air, and serve !

    Also try Poopyhead’s Kracken Krunch™ — Giant angry squid in a jar. Just one bite and you’ll never need to eat again ! Best served naked, perhaps covered with a slathering of your favourite sauce.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Working today. Working right now in fact. As much as I’d enjoy a paid day off, but I need the extra cash.

  3. weylguy says

    “I shall begin my happy day with a bowl of gruel.”

    And thanks to labor rights and our glorious über-capitalistic system that views academics as liberal scum, you should be damned glad to have it. Just don’t ask for “more.”

  4. dorght says

    Instead of shopping Labor day sales today do something extremely revolutionary, read about the history of the labor movement and the origin of the Labor day holiday.
    Is it already too late though? Even my elderly mother attempted a joke this morning about how Walgreens was closed, shouldn’t they be open and laboring. It’s that widespread facilitated forgetting about the history and importance of the labor movement that concerns me.
    I had no inkling of the somewhat unsettling Loyalty day until reading about it in that second article.

  5. dorght says

    @5 kestrel
    Luxury! We used to have to eat half a handful of freezing cold gravel.
    (Monty Python’s Four Yorkshiremen skit)

  6. davidc1 says

    Well ,for a start it is Labour Day .You Americans pinched our language ,the least you can do is use
    it proper like .