Last…day…of cla…AAAaaaaaaughhhhh

I might make it. I may be crawling over the finish line, but the end is in sight. One more class today, in which I give them a deadline for turning in the final lab report (Saturday), give them their take-home final exam (due on Tuesday), and go over the answer key for the previous exam, and then I … do some more grading today, wrapping up a backlog of other assignments.

Obviously, then, I’m not done done, but at least there’s the firm definition of a final boundary and I’m not stuffing any more information in their heads. I might survive this hell year after all (he says, as the flaming meteor enters the atmosphere, on target for his head).


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Fun fact: if you get bitten by the right kind of mutated spider, you become patient zero for the zombie Apocalypse.

  2. publicola says

    Speaking of flaming meteors, a malfunctioning Chinese rocket is set to crash back to earth somewhere–better keep your head down. ( And reinforce the roof. )