1. Tethys says

    Nicely done! Very Wednesday Addams in style.

    I assume it’s a portrait of Mitch McConnell? He often makes me feel like stabbing things.

  2. wzrd1 says

    I suspect she doesn’t offer shirts with that to order.
    Still, it is my preferred body disposal method for when I die.
    If burial or digested/incinerated remains scattering is my only options, fertilizing a hiking trail memorial poison oak or ivy patch remains acceptable – with the plaque commemorating it on the far side.
    The humor is, poison ivy is something I don’ react to and poison oak gives me only a ivy poison ivy level annoyance.

    OT: nCoV-2 infection appears to also have an oral infection mode. So, one can become infected via respiration, via ocular exposure to viral particles and now, orally. Given live virus detected in sewers, that rather strongly suggests oral-fecal, making it also fomite driven.
    Second OT: Redfield suggested lab driven, probable unintentional release in COVID-19. “Needs multiple generations of exposure, blather.
    I counter with Ebola, Hantavirus, rabies and what the hell, cross into actual life and bring in bubonic plague. If challenged, I can provide a more extensive list, such as dengue, zika and well, many, many hemorrhagic fevers.
    Guess he still wants to prostitute his field for his fallen god-king/emperor, the riot kisser and thief.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Wzrd @ 7
    I read that as “Renfield”.
    But Renfield’s master had more class.

  4. PaulBC says

    jrkrideau@9 That sounds right, though I do not remember what part of my dissertation dragged the longest. I recall that my advisor told me abruptly one day that I should schedule my defense early in the following semester. My orals had been several years earlier as well as the bulk of my research. He thought I was “foot dragging” and I can’t really argue with that.