Mooommm! The Australians are exaggerating again!

Either that, or this deep space tracking station has been invaded by arachnoid aliens.

I choose to believe that the giant spiders taking over our space program are benevolent.


  1. kome says

    Neat perspective trick, but given what really does exist in Australia, I could maybe be persuaded to believe in spiders that big.

  2. DexX says

    I know that silhouette. That there is a female Australian black house spider, which Wikipedia tells me is formally known as badumna insignis. This is probably the spider the triggered my lifelong arachnophobia, because they make funnel-shaped webs in gaps in the mortar of brick walls or in nooks in fences, and they like to peep out the entrance and say hello. They’re pretty much harmless, but they’re super common, and basically every Australian house has at least a few under the windowsills or in a quiet corner of the garage. Oh, and despite the picture, they’re not very big. We had a relatively huge old female in our garage for a few years who I named Shelob, and she was no more than about 2.5cm long.

  3. llyris says

    @15 Pierce R.Butler
    You have discovered our secret. We don’t really have any space trackers or other big stuff. This is really just a salad bowl. Sydney is famous for a coat hanger and a box of tissues.