Why? I dunno.

I was asked by this fellow, Stuart Knechtle, to have a chat on his YouTube channel, so I guess I am. I’m easy that way, especially since it’s not framed as a debate. I don’t know if it’ll be live (it’s scheduled for 7pm Central tonight), I don’t know what they want to talk about, but looking over the channel it seems to be a pretty mundane evangelical Christian apologetics sort of place, so I don’t expect much. Tune in if you’re bored.

I’m going into this totally open to what they’re going to ask, expecting no surprises, and just willing to listen and express my opinion. Could be a soporific hour, so if you’re trying to get to sleep it might help.


  1. favog says

    Oh, I’ve seen that guy have a discussion before. All he did was say “My position is correct. Because my position must be correct” repeatedly on and on. Over an hour or more, he did occasionally rephrase it slightly.

  2. magickrich says

    PZ is right. There are a bunch of loons on the Youtube channel to argue with-if that’s your thing.

  3. says

    Oh, and there was a lot of blatant strawmanning. “If you’re a materialist, you don’t believe in a self, or conscience, or love, therefore you are wrong.” I tried to get through to him that if I contend that a sense of self can arise in a biological creature, and you insist that a sense of self arises from god, then that sense of self is a point of contention that you can’t use to resolve the difference. But whooosh, right over his head.