Self-awareness isn’t their strong suit

Certain right wing grifters have found a new grift: hoisting themselves up on a comfortable, elevated perch, looking down on the peons, and crying about how they’re being crucified. Even better, they’ve found a way to turn the claim that they’ve been canceled into self-promotion. Behold, CancelCon!

Man, I only wish Rubin, Prager, Shapiro, and Corolla were being silenced, rather than merely using the claim that they were silenced as a way to amplify their noise.

You might wonder, how is a free event going to make them richer? It’s a promotional event for Prager/Corolla’s recent movie, No Safe Spaces, which was shown on 1 screen. They’ve got to do something to raise their revenue.

They also seem to be confused about that documentary. On the one hand, they’re oppressed, no one let’s them speak, they can’t get any respect…and on the other hand,

No Safe Spaces earned $1.3m at the box office and was the highest-rated film of 2019 as ranked by the Rotten Tomatoes audience score.

(They always have to have a qualifier in there, whether it’s “the greatest movie ever seen on a single screen” or “as ranked by an easily gamed popular site their fanatics crashed”)

So which is it? Are these incredibly popular speakers with great mobs of adoring fans hanging on their every word, or are they sad afflicted nobodies who have been totally canceled and have their mouths duct-taped shut? It doesn’t matter. They’re playing Oppression Olympics, and all that matters is how loudly they weep, and how many suckers fall for it. If there’s one thing we’ve had drilled into us over the last few years it’s that the world is full of gullible twits.

You aren’t one of them, are you?


  1. says

    A film I’ve never heard of before is the “highest rated film of 2019”? That sounds highly dubious to me so I checked. 99% audience rating, but 47% critical reviews. Just read the description on Rotten Tomatoes and man it sounds like a pile of hot garbage.

    “Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager travel the country…” I’m assuming they are touring the US, but they really should try touring a country that DOESN’T have freedom of speech built into it’s constitution. Maybe Russia, China, or North Korea. In fact when I look at the cast list, featuring the likes of, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and Tim Allen I really think the best thing these “patriots” could do for our great nation is fuck off to North Korea and never come back.

    Keep in mind, I’m not saying they should be “canceled”, I’m saying they suck and nobody should care what these whiny man babies have to say.

  2. stroppy says

    CancelCon eh? All that’s missing is the cosplay. I mean, if you’re going to play the sad clown, you might as well look the part.

    Oh, yeah. Self-awareness. Never mind.

  3. stroppy says

    So which is it?

    The silent majority is just too nice. That’s why they’re oppressed by all those dim, meanie minorities and their uppity slang. But lo, the majority is waking up to reality, thanks to the great wisdom of… who are they again?

    Anyway, time and money to waste is proof once again of the superiority of psychopaths. Supposedly. And we mere mortals, encumbered by conscience, can not appreciate the great complexity and nuance of the tidings they bring.

  4. gijoel says

    Don’t you realize that holding two contradictory beliefs at the same time was how Western Civilization was built. /s

  5. PaulBC says

    GangleGon? (This was my stunned reaction for about 15 seconds until I gained the composure to read on. Kids, leave typography to the pros.)

  6. blf says

    @7, Ha! I didn’t follow the link in the OP until I saw that comment… Yesh!

    The comments on that twittering — which are nearly all negative — are hilarious.

  7. bcwebb says

    If under-subscribed will Cancelcon get cancelled? And if cancelling is cancelled is it still cancelled?

  8. dstatton says

    The twitter feed is filled with people mocking them. This is what they consider cancel culture.

  9. BACONSQAUDgaming says

    “Man, I only wish Rubin ‘was’ being silenced”
    So what exactly were they attempting to do here, with the chanting, shaking coins in jars, and refusing to engage in a discussion? The audience was there to listen to him and talk. If the protesters weren’t trying to silence him, then they should have either protested outside or engaged with him, rather than acting as mindless drones.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    A bad film made by nutters?
    -This reminds me to push for
    “God Awful Movies” at Youtube, a cheerful gang of sarky non-believers who watch films with new age/religious/ libertarian messages so you don’t have to. Their post-mortems are often as lengthy as the films themselves, and funny as hell.
    Example; ‘GAM 261 The Omega Code’ was a “so bad it is good” film about how prophesies are encoded into the bible, and of course evil leftists have taken over the world….

  11. wzrd1 says

    I do wonder though, CancelCon is supposed to be a first amendment celebratory event, will they also make it a second amendment friendly event?
    If so, it’d become both a self-limiting problem and a Darwin Award competitive event.

  12. birgerjohansson says

    Wzrd1 @14
    – We should collect money to donate guns flame throwers and bazookas at the entrance of the event.

  13. nomdeplume says

    Best I can tell, those complaining about “cancel culture” (I love how they invent names for things that don’t actually exist, as if by naming them they bring them into existence – and, as far as the media is concerned, they do) are those who want to cancel all views in society except their own and those of a few close friends.

  14. unclefrogy says

    am I mistaken in thinking what is meant by being canceled or de-platformed or censored is not being agreed with every where all the time and being exclusively allowed to speak any where any time they want.
    uncle frogy