I’m only halfway there, I guess

I stopped believing in gods, but I haven’t yet acquired an appreciation of the cunning work of Satan. I’m kind of liking the view from the intermediate point of evolution, so I don’t know that I’ll ever move on to satanism.

You know the arguments against design are pretty good at defeating Satan, too, right? Maybe we should use that as a selling point more often: “Get an education, Satan hates science!”


  1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    My church, I abandoned, the RCC, told us it is all how God does things, He uses natural forces, directing them to produce what He wants us to have. Dinosaurs weren’t a mistake He had to correct, it was a necessary step to get us evolved. Like The Flood was a necessary task for Gawd to get us on the right (err correct) path
    They never did explain The Monolith that was used to give us sentience. We’re supposed to be kept wondering to keep searching for answers to keep us praying to Gawd. Gawd uses prayers as His sustenance.

    first time I noticed a similarity between the asteroid and the Flood. Did the event inspire the writer to frame it as a flood, for understanding?
    — thak you for letting my imagination wander

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Naah, Zod mainly gets his sustenance from mido-chlorians. That is why it is important for the cattle/Catholics to breed like rabbits, only one or two percent of each human’s metabolic energy can be teleported to the hive mind of Zod. The bigger Zod’s energy budget gets, the better he can push back rivals like Allah or Krishna. And regenerate from inter-divine fights.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    I just realised, this kind of thinking takes us down the path of Charles Stross and the very unholy divine entities of the “Laundry” novels.
    -Also, for the use of humans as cattle for harvesting life force, see the horror/science fiction/mystery/zombie flick “Lifeforce”.
    Nice, high-budget thing where Patrick Stewart gets possessed, naked space vampires get loose in London and everything but the kitchen sink gets thrown into the plot.
    It is every bit as confusing as theology but much more fun.

  4. acroyear says

    re: slithey tove

    And this is a reason why I quit: why does some god need to be cruel to the innocent to prove his point with the supposedly guilty?

    The idea that everybody but Noah was ‘evil’ – they tell us that the millions (or at least hundreds of thousands by that point) of children were evil and deserved to die with their evil parents? they tell that all the cute little kittens and puppies and squirrels and even PZ’s beloved spiders all had to die just to prove a point?

    and that’s why I quit.

    Job is the book, even more so than revelation, that got me to quit. The idea of killing innocent people just to make a bet (and then welching on the bet and chewing Job out because (and people forget this) Job lost. God lost the bet. READ the dang book, the ‘patience of job’ was no such thing, he gave up and chewed out God big time and got chewed out back.

    and people had to die for that to take place.

    to hell with that idea of God. I want nothing to do with such a thing.