Morning spider survey

I did my usual quick survey of spiders on the outside of my house. The place is swarming with salticids! Mainly Attulus and Salticus. I’ve done the usual thing of posting photos on iNaturalist and Instagram and Patreon, if you really want to see them. They really like the masonry on the east-facing front of the house, where the stones warm up fast, but I found them all over the place.


  1. zentrout says

    That’s real cool Dr. M
    I’ve been meaning to use this tool as well. I think i had a female pine warbler outside this morning but my confidence is less than 100%
    But i will ensure my sons know and use this tool. Son number one is to fungi what you are to spiders!

  2. azpaul3 says

    As for the outside surfaces of the domicile I would suggest a soaking spray of diazinon or sevin. Spray all outer surfaces up to 2m from the ground and spray the surrounding ground area out to about 2m from the building. Once this treatment has dried then douse the interior of the structure in two rooms on opposite sides of the house with about 5L of gasoline and burn the whole house to the ground. That should alleviate the infestation.