Guess who has another day of interviewing candidates?

I do, that’s who. With the first one you feel some sympathy for the candidates, who get a long grueling day of non-stop meetings and conversations and questions, but ’round about the third one, you begin to wonder who is suffering more in this process. It’s going to be another late night for me.

Also, I’ve got to escape to get a haircut. Today will be impossible, tomorrow is a heavy teaching day, maybe Wednesday? It’s rather annoying when work takes over and makes it nearly impossible to take care of basic grooming tasks. Well, the candidate is just going to have to get the impression that “shaggy” is the standard style at UM Morris. Except that I sure hope he learns our style standards from the other committee members, not me.


  1. jrkrideau says

    you begin to wonder who is suffering more in this process.

    Consider the poor candidate with a nice shiny new sheepskin from a Los Angeles, California university who has just arrived in Morris. They were surprised that the last 100km was by car and not dogsled; now his hosts are telling him that they a) do not need a heavy calibre rifle for the polar bears and that it “may” be difficult to get a really good cafe latte in the morning, even the croissants may be dicey.

    The poor soul is suffering from culture shock before the first interview with what appears to be a possible Sasquatch.

  2. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    You should play up the Shaggy connection by bringing one of your spiders with you and talking to him during the interviews. “Zoinks, Scoob! I wonder if they know anything about the abandoned mill?”