They’re leaving us!

I’m just now catching up with the news. Terry Jones has died? Now I feel like I’m on a deathwatch for Monty Python, because the world lost Graham Chapman 30 years ago, which is kind of unbelievable in itself.

Cleese, Idle, and Palin better hang in there, because the troupe is now at half-strength (Terry Gilliam was the third casualty, because he’s dead to me).


  1. daemonios says

    If Terry Gilliam is dead to you for that, I hate to break it to you but John Cleese has turned out to be another old fart in recent years:

    I appreciate the great humour that Monty Python gave us, I was a huge fan, played their Monty Python Sings album repeatedly, rewatched their films many times and regularly went back to Flying Circus for a few laughs, but I for one am not going to watch John Cleese’s live show in a couple of months.

  2. Silentbob says

    So.. burn ‘im, bury ‘im, dump ‘im or… you know… eat ‘im.

    Not raw! Cooked! Roasted with a few french fries, broccoli, horseradish sauce, parsnips. Tell you what… We’ll eat ‘im, and if you feel a bit guilty about it afterwards, we can dig a grave and you can throw up in it…

  3. stroppy says

    I was lucky enough to catch Spamalot at the Shubert when Sara Ramirez was Lady of the Lake. I don’t go to much theater, but the show was great and Ramirez blew me away.

    A good portion of the audience sang along which I guess indicates repeat customers, no small thing at the price.

  4. A Sloth named Sparkles says

    Is there anyway avoid growing up become “old man yelling a cloud”? That is, the type who blames younger generations & minorities for their own problems?

    Instead, when I grow old, I want to accept more new ideas and every new generation, in spite of their quirks. I want to be in the moment and look forward to the future, instead of longing for the past.

    I’ve come across research where playing games, be it chess, Tetris or Doom, helps people escape Alzheimer’s & dementia as they grow old. Plus exercise & eat healthy. Other recommendations?

  5. pilgham says

    Neil Innes. He’s dead too and I miss him a lot. Also, if you think the only thing Terry Jones ever did was Python, then there are a bunch of great historical documentaries you are going to love.

  6. davidc1 says

    From the Wikipedia article about the film Personal Services . “The film was banned in the Republic of Ireland upon theatrical release (although the ban was lifted two months later). At the time, there were four films that were banned in Ireland, and Jones had directed three of them (Personal Services, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, and Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life).”
    I think if I was Terry Jones i would have been very proud of that.

  7. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Not gonna lie, I’m going to be devastated when Eric Idle leaves us.

    Wait, he hasn’t said either extremely stupid too, has he?

    Extremely stupid? Not that I know of. But he WAS anti-Corbyn in the recent UK election, which given it gave power to Boris freaking Johnson, is at least fairly stupid.

  8. says

    I just found out too and wow what a bummer! Two weeks ago I found out that Neil Peart of Rush, my favorite band, died and now Terry Jones of Python fame, one of my favorite comedy groups. Time to binge watch some Monty Python and remember watching that wonderful show with my dad as a teen on our local PBS station. Dad passed last August and I will be remember his great wit and love of comedy. :)

  9. cartomancer says

    It was partly Terry Jones’s fun medieval history documentaries that helped me decide to go back to academia after my undergraduate degree and get my doctorate in medieval history. He will be missed.

    Also, as soon as they have the vocative case and imperative mood under their belts, all my Latin students are required, on pain of death (or a bit of a poke with the soft cushions), to watch the Romanes eunt domus bit from Life of Brian. This is now even more non-negotiable.