The first Goop review is in!

Oh boy. Ars Technica got to see the first episodes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s series. Do you think they liked it?

In so many ways, the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow is exactly what you’d expect based on what we already know about the Goop brand. The series provides a platform for junk science, gibberish, and unproven health claims from snake-oil-salesmen guests. It’s a platform on which respected, trained medical experts are not considered the authorities on health and medical topics; where logic and critical thinking are enemies of open-mindedness; where anecdotes about undefined health improvements are considered evidence for specific medical treatment claims; where the subjective experiences of a few select individuals are equivalent to the results of randomized, controlled clinical trials; and where promoting unproven, potentially dangerous health claims is a means to empower women.

I think the conclusion is that it is truly dire.


  1. graham2 says

    Has the whole goop thing set women’s dignity back a century or 2 ?
    Could we balance it with its male equivalent, whatever that is ?

  2. Nancy martin says

    The Guardian reviewed it as well –
    “The Goop Lab is one of those labs with pink sofas and bunches of cultivated wildflowers, where people can pipette phrases such as “wearable stickers that rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies” and “surprisingly affordable yacht rental” into your consciousness.”

  3. dontlikeusernames says


    I’m too drunk to articulate it precisely, but paupl (of Scala fame) had an infamous ‘breakdown’ (I like to think of it as a super-rant, but most of it was true!) about how this applies to programming. It was recorded as a conference talk and it was amazing…

    … but the thing is. CS is largely invented (outside of fundamentals like bits, the idea of logic, etc.)

  4. dontlikeusernames says

    (Please forgive the programming terms…. it’s most of what I know.)

    Sorry, that was super-weird without references. Paupl:

    Ignorance is Strength: Abstraction (non-leaky!)
    Freedom is Slavery: If any old code can call you with an Int and a Char, what does what mean…? If same code called you with (Age, Favorite Letter).

  5. wzrd1 says

    @8, so InfoWars sells porous stones, to stick up your whoo-hoo, no need to clean those stones, because of magic and ignore the infections after colonization.

    Initially, a vaginal infection can and frequently is subclinical, a significant pathogen takes a bit of time to form its biofilm or invasion, the it proceeds.
    Infowars starts at batshit crazy, goes deep “south” after, then pretends to be a naked singularity.
    While RT proceeds forward.

    Not that any cooperation is going on, or a quid pro quo for another hostile to Leader/Emperor, it’s just a hoax by the only other party and all of my party should pick up guns and converge to Virginia’s capitol and wonder why the National Guard is armed and waiting.*

    *Two arrests of groups of three, well charging them. Monday, things’ll get interesting, as a state governor feels in threat over the safety of the legislature.
    Given the noise I’ve heard, things could go, rightfully Kent State.
    The kids at the original Kent State might’ve deserved a threatening comment like, pop over next Tuesday for dinner at 6?
    These actually want to try to trigger a civil war.
    Making them secessionists, thus far. Actually engage in actions to do so, treason. Military following them, it’s lethal for, civilians get more sway than military that mutiny or engage in sedition or treason, needle in the arm time.
    I’m the majority, despite being retired for nine years. Interacted with service members daily.
    Their oath is, protect the laws, constitution and for enlisted, obey orders that aren’t inconsistent with the former.
    It’s a day or two course, where Constitution always wins.

    Personally, if the killing people starts and spreads, I want a total divorce from reality afterwards.
    Moron with a dinky AK or AR tries to engage with a 155mm howitzer, yeah, that always ends up well.
    If shredded into biological confetti is winning.
    And ignores gunships of various aircraft classes, MLRS systems, mortars, heat seeking moisture missiles…
    Excuse me, I have to recover an item of inventory…
    The MLRS isn’t loud enough, the wife, quite loud.

    But then, US medicine treats women weaker than children or men, allowing women to die at a literal third world rate.
    Because exceeding Somalia or Libya is a good thing, in maternal deaths.
    To prove, we have the absolute best health care system… Aw, fuck it, can’t try to continue with that bullshit.

    Maybe I should stop threatening them, just usurp and destroy them, given this current government’s utter failure…